Japan's Panasonic plans to commercialize pure hydrogen fuel power cells in the spring of 2021

by:CTECHi     2021-09-02
According to news on November 2nd, Japan's Panasonic will launch pure hydrogen fuel power cells with the goal of April 2021. In the past, domestic fuel power batteries had to be equipped with a device to extract hydrogen from natural gas, while pure hydrogen fuel power batteries used hydrogen directly. Its characteristic is that it can be miniaturized. By taking advantage of this advantage, it is expected to be used in hydrogen refueling stations and commercial facilities. Panasonic will supply pure hydrogen fuel cells to the Olympic Village for the 2020 Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games. Supply electricity to 5,600 homes scheduled to be completed in 2024. The company formulated the 'Environmental Outlook 2050' for the use of Zhang Dahydro in 2017. We have been carrying out demonstration tests of pure hydrogen fuel power cells in Yamanashi Prefecture to promote development. The Japanese government determined the basic hydrogen strategy in December 2017. Promote the popularization of hydrogen in the form of integration of the government and the private sector. Hope to improve the current energy self-sufficiency rate of only about 6%, while reducing greenhouse gases by 80%. According to Fuji Keizai's forecast, the market size of hydrogen power generation systems in Japan will reach 45 billion yen by 2030, which is about 110 times that of 2017. In May 2009, Panasonic became the first company in the world to start selling residential fuel power cells. Subsequently, the company continued to work hard to increase the durability of power generation, reduce the scale, increase efficiency, improve installation convenience, add resilience features and reduce costs. Therefore, the cumulative processing volume exceeds 140,000 units. 1 Based on this achievement, since 2016, the company has also been committed to developing hydrogen fuel-powered cell generators and conducting on-site detection, participating in projects such as YumeSolarKanYamanashi in Yamanashi Prefecture and Shizuoka Town in Shizuoka Prefecture. The commercialized hydrogen fuel cell generator will generate 5 kilowatts of electricity and is expected to be used in hydrogen stations and commercial facilities. Linking the operation of these generators will also allow production to be adjusted according to the size of the facility. Panasonic is currently developing hydrogen fuel-powered battery generators and plans to deliver them to the Harumi flag, which is the first type of urban redevelopment project undertaken by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government in Harumi5-chomeWest District.
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