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48V 50Ah communication base station lithium battery


Division I developed intelligent high-power communication power supply, in order to adapt to solve the problem of wide distribution of base stations, power laying is not in place, base station maintenance is difficult. Using standardized modular design, according to the needs of different base stations stacked battery module, power supply using BMS system management battery unit, real-time monitoring of the battery unit situation, the use of intelligent power detection IC to detect the battery charge and discharge, will be more intuitive to let users know how much power.

First, the design requirements of lithium battery packs for communication base stations:

According to customer requirements and specifications, design and host side supporting intelligent battery pack, carry communication protocol, intelligent battery statistics, battery temperature and other security performance combined.

Specific design parameters are required:

1)    Core modeling requirements: LiFePO4 Cell.

2)    Structural design requirements: the appearance of exquisite, the use of 1.5mm cold-rolled plate to strengthen the ribs, surface powder treatment. The front plate is made of aeronautical grade aluminum alloy, which is treated with oxidation and wire. Surface laser engraving LOGO.

3)    Circuit design requirements: accurate power management, accurate LED power display. Using SBS intelligent battery management system design scheme, the battery's remaining power is effectively managed from time to time. Accurate LED power display, from time to time effectively the battery's remaining power in the form of an accurate percentage of LED lights to the user, in order to achieve efficient and intuitive purposes.

Second, the communication base station with lithium battery pack design:

1)    Aluminum alloy sheet metal shell and core bracket: sheet metal powder shell, surface reinforced rib design, very good to maintain the structural strength and appearance of the exquisite, one-piece molded nickel belt, with plastic core support. Very good to maintain the connection of the core. Reduce impedance. The chassis features a standard 3U chassis for excellent general performance. Very good common standard cabinet, can be freely combined to expand capacity. Standard foldable handles save space while facilitated battery pack handling.

2)    Smart meter protection board (PCM): the use of SBS intelligent battery management system, the use of advanced power calculation principle to calculate the battery power accurately from time to time, and through SMBS from time to time to report the battery's battery information, with the function of charging smart battery pack (generally lithium battery) protection, due to the chemical characteristics of lithium battery itself, need to provide overcharge, over-discharge, short circuit, overflow and over-temperature protection functions to avoid combustion, explosion and other hazards. Join WIFI radio communication technology for real-time and mobile terminal connectivity. You can view information about your device's power, temperature, and more, anytime, anywhere. Control the operation of the device.

3)    LED power display board: 3.5 inch LCD display showing all battery pack charge, voltage, current, temperature, etc. The LED power display light displays a 20% charge ratio, visually displaying the calculated battery capacity of the smart meter protection board for efficient and intuitive customer use.

4)    Overflow Protection Sheet (PTC): Designed primarily for secondary protection. The PTC recoverable fuse has overflow protection and automatic recovery. PTC in battery products prevents high-temperature discharge of batteries and unsafe high currents.

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