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CTECHI Power Solutions Address Japan's Severe Power Shortages Amidst Worsening Energy Crisis


In response to Japan's unprecedented electricity shortage crisis, with Tokyo's workforce grappling with office blackouts, CTECHI emerges as a reliable power source to combat power disruptions. 

Since November 1st of last year, the Japanese government has mandated nationwide energy conservation for both households and businesses. This directive comes with adjustments in electricity prices, 

reaching a staggering 45.1% increase, placing significant financial strain on consumers.

Notably, this isn't the first instance of such power restrictions in Japan; a similar measure was enforced in 1974. More recently, the Kanto region, including Tokyo, faced severe power challenges 

due to prolonged high temperatures, prompting the government to implement power limitations six months ago.

As a consequence, Tokyo experienced a reduction of 25% in elevator operations and widespread dimming of lights in office buildings, forcing many to work in near darkness. Japan's per capita annual 

electricity consumption, at 7700 kWh, is nearly three times that of China. The ongoing Russia-Ukraine conflict has further reduced the availability of imported fuel for power generation, exacerbating the situation. 

With a harsh winter increasing heating demands and a looming hot summer ahead, Japan's electricity usage is expected to rise significantly.

In this energy crisis, the demand for renewable energy products, particularly energy storage solutions, is on the rise. CTECHI's energy storage systems, providing 220V AC output with a sine wave identical 

to household electricity, use the safest lithium iron phosphate materials. These systems not only meet the changing needs of digital devices but can also power larger appliances such as TVs, rice cookers, 

microwaves, and refrigerators. During non-outage periods, they automatically store energy without emitting harmful gases or producing noise. CTECHI's power solutions, crucial for emergencies, extend 

beyond home use to outdoor recreation and emergency scenarios. When paired with solar panels, they can even offer an uninterrupted power supply for extended periods outdoors.

As Japan grapples with an energy imbalance, the importance of high-capacity emergency power sources becomes evident. CTECHI's energy storage solutions are positioned as reliable and sustainable 

choice to navigate through these challenging times.

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