BR Battery

The Lithium Carbon-Mono Fluoride button battery(BR battery) is a small, lightweight battery that uses carbon fluoride as a positive electrode active material and Li as a negative electrode active material. It operates at the same voltage as the CR button battery and is 3V but has an operating temperature (-40°C to + 85°C) that is wider than the CR button battery. BR battery is mainly designed for use in industrial environments, as a backup power source for RTC (Real Time Clock) and SRAM data (Back up),In normal RTC (real-time clock) applications, if a small current (3-5uA) is used for continuous discharge, it will be able to use 5-10 years. Therefore, the BR battery has Flat Voltage Output, Long Shelf Life, self-discharge rate is very small, and can work normally in high temperature or low temperature environment.

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