CR Batteries

Lithium manganese button battery (CR batteries) is a compact, lightweight battery operating voltage is 3V, may operate (-20 ° C to + 60 ° C) within a wide temperature range. It can be used as a power source for small electronic devices. The coin type lithium manganese dioxide battery uses manganese dioxide(MnO2)as its positive active material,lithium(Li)as its negative active material,and an organic electrolyte solution. So, this CR battery has high energy density. At 3 volts(nominal voltage),it has about twice the voltage of alkaline button battery and silver oxide battery. At the some time,By using a highly conductive electrolyte, the internal resistance of the battery is reduced, providing a stable operating voltage to ensure a stable output of the battery during operation. If your battery capacity is used up,please follow the instructions of proper regulation. As electric capacity is left in a discarded battery and it comes into contact with other metals,it could lead to distortion,leakage,overheating,or explosion,so make sure to cover the(+)and(-)terminals with friction tape or some other insulator before disposal.

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