FDK  Lithium  Battery

Founded in 1950, FDK started from the manufacture and sales of manganese dry batteries. From that time, various experiments with battery materials were conducted, and from the expertise gained in the related materials, it was decided that FDK would Entered the ferrite business. FDK expanded from the development of ferrite materials to electronic devices such as power transformers. Now, our products are used by customers in various fields such as industrial equipment, automotive appliance, mobile products, communications equipment and server products. With our battery business, FDK offers high quality alkaline batteries, specialized lithium batteries used in fire alarms as well as high durability nickel-metal hydride batteries, which can be used repeatedly with rapid charging. FDK continues to invest in the research and development of battery materials. Our batteries are found in many life scenes, from industrial sites to household applications. FDK also engages in power storage systems as the synergy products combine the battery and electronic technology as well as sensor device responding to IoT continually and dramatically evolving.

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