1.5V Li-FES2 Battery

The 1.5V Li-FeS2 battery is a high-performance lithium battery with ferrous sulfide (FeS2) as the positive electrode active material and lithium metal (Li) as the negative electrode active material. It features light weight, high energy and high current discharge capability and the discharge is stable, the storage life is long, the safety performance is excellent, and it has gradually become the best power source for portable electronic products. Different from lithium iron phosphate battery (LiFePO4 Battery), Li-FeS2 Battery is a non-rechargeable primary battery. But Li-FeS2 Battery also has many advantages, such as compatible with 1.5V alkaline and carbon batteries,high current discharge,higher capacity than alkaline and carbon batteries,excellent low temperature performance,small in size, weighing only 70% of carbon batteries, 50% of alkaline batteries. And no harmful materials, no pollution to the environment.

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