ZINC AIR battery

The Zinc air battery is a special type of battery in the dry battery category,its negative electrode uses zinc alloy, and the positive electrode material is oxygen in the air.,this has the advantage that the battery is substantially free of self-discharge when stored for extended periods of time. The zinc empty cell voltage is usually 1.4V, but the discharge current and the depth of discharge cause voltage changes,air must enter the anode without interruption in order for the battery to work properly. Zinc air battery must pay attention to the following points,First, if the battery seal is torn off, then the battery will be out of power within a few weeks. And because the zinc-air battery contains a high concentration of electrolyte inside, if the leak will corrode the battery components. Therefore, it is necessary to check frequently during use to prevent the battery from leaking. If the battery is not used for a long time, please remove the battery.

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