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Cascade Utilization of Battery


Echelon utilization refers to the continuous use process in which a used product has reached the original design life, and then its functions are fully or partially restored through other methods, and this process belongs to the basic same-level or degraded application. " Escalation utilization " and " gradient utilization, ladder utilization, degraded utilization " are the same in concept, but cannot be regarded as renovation use.


In the development of human society, many tools, equipment, and products are often discarded and discarded as garbage after being used. All waste does not mean that its function is completely lost or can no longer be used. With continuous development and changes in human history, people's life and production methods have also undergone tremendous changes. Different social divisions of labor, differences in national conditions and tribes, individual self-foundation and unbalanced growth, and the formation of class attitudes make people There is an irreversible gap with people. From ancient times to modern society, this cycle of living and multiplying has never stopped, and it is precisely in this social context that all matter has been given birth and rebirth of life. In other words, in the common evolution process of human beings, it has been accompanied by the old and new cyclical habits, which is called the development background of the social theory of gradient utilization.

In a modern civilized society, with the rapid development of machinery, electronics and information society, more and more waste materials and commodities are produced. Many people are regarded as garbage products, in the view of other regions or consumers, However, it is an undesirable and easy-to-use thing, so recycling is also a common call for global promotion of low-carbon and environmentally friendly development, and cascading utilization is a theoretical branch of this large recycling concept. Known as the front-end product of recycling and high-quality production methods [1].  

Application field

( 1 ) Military industry: The use and maintenance costs of military equipment (such as aircraft, tanks, armored vehicles, heavy guns, etc.) are huge. Most of the countries have destroyed military equipment that has been eliminated. In the national economy, the core components of this military equipment were dismantled and then properly packaged for civil historical exhibitions, which was also the beginning of the gradient utilization in modern times;

( 2 ) Lighting field: The lighting equipment also comes from military equipment, and its original design is used in the field of the military battlefield can no longer be applied, many lighting fixtures are demolished and used in civilian lighting field;

( 3 ) Battery field: Automotive lead-acid batteries are widely used for home energy storage (new energy vehicle power batteries mostly use nickel series and lithium series, and the gradient use of these power batteries is known as the key development object);

( 4 ) Automobile field: After being eliminated, many urban vehicles often do not enter the dismantling and utilization link, but are transferred to the mainland and remote areas for degraded transportation. This is also a typical example of gradient utilization, but due to safety There is also a huge controversy about hidden dangers;

( 5 ) Machine tool parts and other fields: Many used machine tool parts are used to make Iron Man and other artworks for visiting exhibitions, and the gradient utilization value created by them is still considerable;

( 6 ) Other fields.

Difference from renovation

The core of echelon utilization is the need to perform a series of complex testing and analysis on the original product, scientifically judge its life cycle value and reusability, to design a gradient grade and application field that is consistent with the product.

The use of refurbishment is often a very simple way or convenient situation to repair and cover up the original product, and then sell it to the end market as a new product. There is no scientific detection analysis and evaluation in the refurbishment process, and there is no gradient design and application field Analysis so that the re-use of the product will bring potential risks in all aspects.

Therefore, there is a huge difference between the use of gradient and the use of renovation. The original intention of the country in the use of gradients is to promote the technology based on the concept of being scientific and reasonable and making the best use of it, rather than encouraging fraud.

Social Significance

The greatest social significance of the cascade utilization is to maximize the use of products, and its design cycle has been extended, creating economic value for the society, but also reducing waste emissions for the society. It is a cyclic, low-carbon production and lifestyle that modern society should vigorously promote.

Technology Typical Application

Although cascade utilization has a distant development background, it is an emerging thing. Because to achieve gradient utilization must rely on the development and progress of science and technology to complete. The most successful case of gradient application technology development at home and abroad is the car power battery.

Compared with traditional mobile phone and laptop batteries, automotive power batteries have more energy. In terms of the original design life cycle, there is no uniform standard in the world; at the same time, because the application of the electric vehicle market has not yet reached the level of popularity, so The process of its production and application has brought many scrapped and unqualified power batteries. These batteries are often unqualified or fail to meet the energy requirements during the use of automobiles. However, these large-capacity power batteries can often be used in many fields, such as electrical engineering and electrical lighting.

In the gradient use of technology, the domestic Academy of Sciences and other research institutes and enterprises in the research, including the elimination of the product life cycle diagnosis, recyclability gradient design, physical indicators of detection, comprehensive performance testing. China has a provincial electric vehicle battery recycling-oriented research engineering center and academician workstation located in Guangdong Province.

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