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What is the demand for lithium phosphate battery pack for energy storage at the tower base station?


There is a great demand for lithium phosphate battery packs for energy storage at the tower base station. China Tower maintenance management staff told reporters that Xishuangpanna power infrastructure backward, affected by the weather, frequent power outages at base stations, resulting in lead-acid battery capacity decay serious, cycle life is generally short, this year our new base stations are energy storage iron phosphate lithium battery pack. This proves that the base station will use lithium battery packs on a large scale.

The background of the development of China Railway Base Station.

With the advent of the post-4G and 5G eras, mobile communication base station density increased, the number of multiplied, if in accordance with the traditional construction methods, a large number of new communications tower base stations, not only the industry investment pressure is huge, but also the environment is difficult to bear. At the same time, the 4G, 5G base station tends to be small, miniaturized, and all kinds of transportation, municipal, police, electric power and other pole tower resources, slightly modified can meet the requirements of communication equipment mounting, such as full integration, shared utilization, not only can greatly reduce construction costs, quickly meet the 5G network deployment requirements, but also in line with the concept of green development.

For a long time, the tower company's base station backup power supply mainly uses lead-acid batteries, the annual procurement of lead-acid batteries about 100,000 tons. Lead-acid batteries have short service life, low performance, containing a large amount of heavy metal lead and other shortcomings, if not handled properly after disposal will cause secondary pollution to the environment. To this end, China's tower changed to lithium phosphate battery pack, and vigorously promote the use of lithium battery package ladder.

There is a great demand for lithium phosphate battery packs for energy storage at the tower base station.

With the increase of environmental pressure and the policy-oriented support of national policies for lithium battery packs, coupled with the continuous high-voltage control and supervision of the lead battery industry in recent years, the lead-acid battery market continues to be weak. Although the lead-acid battery industry has carried out a series of reforms in recent years, the industry shuffle accelerated, but lithium iron phosphate batteries have emerged, has begun to eat into the market share of lead batteries.

China's towers are in great demand for lithium-ion battery packs for energy storage, accounting for about 2% of lithium batteries, and the recycling of lithium-ion batteries has been expanding the pilot phase. Tian bonda officials said that China's communications base station lithium battery pack to replace lead-acid battery just opened, at this time the speed of promotion is basically determined by the "price", only in the second-hand battery recycling channels have advantages, while there is a "cheap" BMS to do the protection of enterprises, in order to continue to participate.

It is understood that China Tower Co., Ltd. in 2018 has stopped the procurement of lead-acid batteries, unified procurement ladder using energy storage iron phosphate lithium battery pack as its base station backup power supply. By the end of 2018, about 120,000 base stations in 31 provinces and cities across the country had used ladder batteries of about 1.5 GWh, replacing about 45,000 tons of lead-acid batteries. As one of the key units of the new energy vehicle power battery recycling pilot, China Tower, this will be decommissioned lithium battery package large-scale ladder utilization has a very good demonstration role.

According to the tower company's plan, in 2019 it will continue to expand the scale of the use of ladder batteries, the use of ladders is expected to use batteries about 5GWh, replace lead-acid batteries about 150,000 tons, is expected to eliminate more than 50,000 tons of decommissioned power batteries. Construction of 150 recycling service outlets in 17 provinces and cities, and the development of backup power supply integrated solutions and other application models, breaking through the residual value assessment, rapid detection and other key common technologies, improve the optimization of technical standards and specifications system.

What are the benefits of using lithium batteries in tower-based stations?

1, from environmental considerations, lithium battery pack has a natural advantage. The materials used in lithium iron phosphate batteries do not contain polluting metals, such as cadmium, lead, mercury and other harmful heavy metals, lithium batteries in the production and use of non-pollutants.

2, from the electrical performance considerations, lithium battery pack completely beyond lead-acid batteries. The cycle life, high temperature characteristics, charge-discharge multiplication performance and energy density of lithium phosphate batteries are excellent, which is much better than lead-acid batteries.

3, lithium battery excellent high temperature characteristics, can reduce the base station air conditioning configuration and power consumption. After the theft of lithium batteries, the recovery value is not great, because there is a battery management system, so that it can not be used directly, reducing the risk of theft of backup power supply.

4, lead-acid battery has a large footprint, weight, high load-bearing requirements of the shortcomings, more and more difficult to meet the requirements of small space scenes. The energy density of lithium iron phosphate packet is 2 to 4 times that of lead-acid batteries, which is especially suitable for use in the above environment.

In the future, with the development of electric vehicles and telecommunications energy storage industry, lithium battery package applications will continue to scale up, the price will be lower and lower, more and more competitive. Lithium batteries will play an increasingly important role in the field of communication backup power supply as energy storage iron phosphate is mass produced and costs continue to fall.

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