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BYD's Breakthrough in Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery Range Anxiety


BYD continues its innovation streak with another wave of long-range electric vehicles powered by Blade Battery technology.

The automotive market traditionally faced a trade-off between the long-range but safety-compromised ternary lithium batteries and the safe but low-density lithium iron phosphate batteries, which struggled to achieve long-range capabilities. However, BYD disrupted this landscape in March 2020 with the introduction of Blade Battery technology, claiming to overcome the energy density limitations of traditional lithium iron phosphate batteries and challenge the industry's reliance on ternary lithium batteries.

BYD's Vice President and Fudi Battery Chairman, He Long, stated, "All major automotive brands are discussing cooperation plans with us based on the 'Blade Battery' technology." In August 2022, BYD began supplying Tesla with Blade Batteries, with the Model Y in Germany being equipped by the end of August!

The ability of competitors to collaborate on supply, despite being rivals, underscores the competitiveness of Blade Battery technology. In late October this year, BYD's vehicles equipped with Blade Batteries once again broke through the range anxiety issue, achieving a range of 700km, more than sufficient for medium to long-distance travel.

With lower prices, enhanced safety, and extended range capabilities, lithium iron phosphate batteries are gaining popularity in the new energy vehicle market. BYD achieved this by significantly increasing the energy density of the material, a key aspect of Blade Battery design.

Under the 3.0 platform, BYD claims to further elevate the range of Blade Battery-equipped vehicles to 1000km, challenging the conventional perception of short-range lithium iron phosphate batteries.

Powerful and efficient, Blade Batteries have become synonymous with BYD's commitment to sustainable transportation solutions. They offer not only enhanced safety but also exceptional performance, making them a preferred choice for electric vehicles and energy storage systems alike.

Moreover, in the realm of portable power solutions, CTECHI's energy stations, powered by BYD's Blade Battery technology, offer unmatched safety, durability, and performance. With innovative features like the CORE integrated board technology and flexible charging options, these energy stations provide reliable power for outdoor adventures and emergency situations.

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