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Electrocardiograph (ECG intelligent) Battery Pack Solution Medical


1.     About ECG intelligent:

A,  Using digital isolation technology, the temperature drift and time drift of the device are minimized, which ensures the instrument's high adaptability to the environment.

B,  The use of digital signal processing, through the processor of the heart of the electrical signal drift suppression, AC filtering, electromyofiltration and heart rate detection and other processing, to ensure the authenticity and reliability of signal processing.

C,  With automatic adjustment of baseline drift, it can effectively suppress the baseline drift caused by interference, optimize the printing position, and obtain high-quality electrocardiogram.

D,  It has the function of automatic measurement and automatic analysis of conventional EGC parameters to reduce the burden on clinicians.

E,  The use of precision hot square square square record ECG waveform, trace waveforms clear and accurate, rich text notes, a variety of marks complete, for clinical diagnosis and research.

F,  Using a 63mm width of high-speed thermal recording paper tracing electrocardiogram, twelve lead synchronous collection and three real-time records, clinical examination of the etathing map when high efficiency, good effect and economic and practical rhythm guide can be any choice.

2.     About ECG intelligent Lithium ion Battery Requirements:

EGC machine to facilitate medical personnel to carry out mobile indoor and outdoor operations, to provide a continuous, efficient and stable mobile power supply has become the largest guarantee of the normal operation of such equipment. The scheme uses high-performance cell, so that the entire battery has high energy ratio, light mass, small volume, high cycle life, high safety, high consistency and so on. The program is as follows:



Cell   Model

Lithium   ion 18650 battery

Battery   Configuration






Charge   and Discharge Voltage




Maximum   Discharge Current


Instantaneous   Discharge Current


Maximum   Charging Current


Charge   and Discharge Times

>1000   times

 3.     About CTECHI Make Battery Pack Solution of ECG intelligent

Electrocardiograph intelligent lithium battery protection circuit scheme is as follows

1. Smart meter protection board (PCM): Using SBS intelligent battery management system, using advanced power calculation principle spree when calculating the battery's power, and through SMBUS time to report the battery's battery information to the host, while the rechargeable intelligent battery pack (generally refers to lithium batteries) protection function, Due to the chemical properties of lithium batteries themselves, they need to provide protection functions such as overcharging, over-release, short-circuiting, overcurrent and over-temperature to avoid risks such as combustion and explosion.

2. LED power display panel: LED power display light at 20% of the power ratio, the smart meter protection board when calculated battery capacity intuitively displayed, so that efficient and intuitive customer use.

3. Overcurrent protection film (PTC): Mainly for secondary protection function design. PTC recovers fuses with overcurrent protection and automatic recovery dual functions. PTC in battery products prevents high-temperature discharge of batteries and unsafe high currents.

Temperature performance

Discharge temperature range: -10 ° C - 60 ° C

Charging temperature range: 0°C—40°C

Storage temperature: 3 months: -20 ° C - 45 ° C 1 month: -20 ° C - 60 ° C

Vibration requirements

Frequency: 10-50-10HZ

Amplitude: 1.5mm

Time: 45min (without load)

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