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Understanding the Different Types of Batteries Used in Drones


As drones become increasingly popular for various applications, there's a growing curiosity about the types of batteries they use. Generally, drones utilize lithium polymer batteries, but the specific type of battery varies depending on the drone's intended use. Let's delve into the various categories:

  1. Agricultural Drones:

    • Helicopter Agricultural Drones: These drones are suitable for spraying pesticides on dense crops, requiring moderate discharge rates.

    • Multi-rotor Agricultural Drones: Ideal for spraying pesticides over a wide area, these drones often use high-performance batteries like TATTU for extended flight time.

    • Fixed-wing Agricultural Drones: Designed for large-scale farming, these drones typically require high-rate startup batteries with excellent discharge and cycling capabilities.

  2. Aerial Photography Drones:

    • Standard High-Speed Aerial Photography Drones: These drones often use medium-rate lithium polymer batteries with a focus on high capacity and lightweight design for extended flight times.

    • High-Speed Acrobatic Aerial Photography Drones: Utilizing racing drones, these require batteries with high discharge rates, stability, and compact form factors for agile maneuvers and steady discharge temperatures.

    • FPV Racing Drones: Popular in drone racing competitions, these drones demand batteries with small form factors, lightweight construction, high capacity, and stable discharge rates for peak performance.

  3. Security, Surveying, and Firefighting Drones:

    • These drones prioritize battery characteristics such as capacity, discharge platform, discharge temperature stability, storage, and cycle life due to their intermittent usage.

  4. Recreational and Toy Drones:

    • Typically, these drones use standard batteries focusing on long flight times and durability.

In summary, drone batteries can be categorized into high-rate and standard versions, each tailored to specific drone applications. While most drones use lithium polymer batteries, specialized requirements may call for customized solutions.

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