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How to produce Flaw detector Battery Pack?


1.     About Medical Flaw detector Standby

The flaw detector is a portable industrial non-destructive detection instrument, which can be quick and easy, injury-free, accurate lying, positioning, evaluation and diagnosis of various defects (welds, cracks, inclusions, folding, pores, sand eyes, etc.) inside the workpiece, both in the laboratory and in engineering sites. Instruments can be widely used in the manufacturing industry, steel and metallurgy industry, metal processing industry, chemical industry and other fields requiring defect testing and quality control, but also widely used in aerospace, railway transportation, boiler pressure vessels and other fields of in-service safety inspection and life assessment, it is a necessary non-destructive testing industry. Portable flaw detector has become an important tool for field testing in modern society, and providing efficient, portable, lightweight and adequate backup power solutions for portable flaw detectors is an important guarantee for testers to carry out long-term fieldwork. The 18650 lithium battery pack has become the first choice for such high-tech test instrument backup power supply solutions because of its unique advantages.

2.     About Medical Flaw detector Standby Lithium-ion Battery Requirements

Due to the high voltage and long working time characteristics of the flaw detector, the quality of the equipment itself and maintain the continuous stability of the power supply is particularly critical, which requires its power supply must be achieved through the multi-string and combination of large-capacity monolithic lithium batteries; Therefore, it is necessary to provide an accurate battery display and alarm system to prompt the user to save the data in a timely manner to improve the effectiveness of the work. This flaw detector spare lithium battery program uses the intelligent chip, the host through I2C communication way to continuously read the power of the smart chip and related important data, the battery monitoring in order to prompt the user to carry out reasonable and timely related operations. The cell integrated in our scheme has the advantages of high energy ratio, light mass, small volume, high cycle life, high safety, high voltage, good consistency and so on, lithium battery group design output overcurrent protection value 12A, continuous operating current 7A, load capacity 5200mAh, fully meet the needs of the instrument. The specific design requirements are as follows:



Cell Model

Lithium-ion 18650 battery

Battery Configuration






Charging Voltage


Standard Charging Current


Max. Charging Current


Discharging cut-off Voltage


Standard Discharging Current


Maximum Discharge Current


Max. Peak Discharge Current


Internal Resistance


3.  About CTECHI Make Battery Pack Solution of Medical Flaw detector Standby

A. Smart meter protection board (PCM): Using SBS intelligent battery management system, using advanced power calculation principles to accurately calculate the battery's power, and through SMBUS time to report the battery's battery information, while the rechargeable intelligent battery pack for functional protection, due to the chemical characteristics of the lithium battery itself, Protection functions such as overcharging, over-release, short circuit, overcurrent, and overtemperature are required to avoid risks such as combustion and explosion.

B. Temperature switch: designed primarily for temperature protection functions. When the temperature of the battery itself reaches the range of 70 to 5 degrees C due to other abnormal problems, the temperature switch moves to protect the temperature.

C. Field Effect Tube (MOSFET): MOSFET tube, in the protection circuit acting as a switch, always make the voltage at both ends of the load will not rise or decrease, to ensure that the voltage is stable.

D. Battery pack (case)

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