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The Vital Importance of Reliable Power Supply for Ventilators and Medical Equipment



In today's healthcare environment, modern medical equipment plays a crucial role in patient care, reducing the workload of medical staff and enhancing patient supervision. However, the stability and safety of power supplies are paramount. Any instability can shorten the lifespan of equipment and compromise the accuracy of patient monitoring.

Power Supply Challenges in Healthcare

The summer of 2022 brought significant attention to power supply issues in Sichuan, China. Amid the power limitations, concerns grew for critically ill patients dependent on medical equipment in hospitals. These power cuts posed severe risks to their survival.

Medical institutions are among the last places where electricity should be restricted. China's power supply system categorizes load zones into three levels. Operating rooms, ICUs, and hemodialysis rooms fall under level 1, where power interruptions can cause severe injury or death. Emergency clinics and nurse stations are categorized as level 2, where power disruptions can damage major equipment.

The Dire Consequences of Power Outages

Every power shortage in medical institutions risks lives. In Zhejiang Province, a sudden power outage during a major surgery forced the operation to suspend, resulting in the patient's critical condition and subsequent death. A 77-year-old man relying on a ventilator for oxygen could have died within 20 minutes of a power failure. Multiple power outages during surgeries have led to prolonged operations and infections at surgical sites. These incidents underscore the crucial need for a stable power supply in healthcare facilities.

Ventilators, oxygen systems, surgical lamps, and extracorporeal circulation systems all require uninterrupted power to function effectively. To address this, medical institutions have developed emergency plans to ensure continuous power supply.

CTECHI's Emergency Energy Storage Solution

CTECHI’s ST2000W High Power Emergency Energy Storage Station is designed to meet these critical needs. With self-storage capabilities and a single-key start, it provides a stable power supply to medical equipment for over 40 hours, ensuring normal operation even during power interruptions. This technology safeguards health and provides peace of mind.

CTECHI’s portable power stations have been widely used in cold chain storage for COVID-19 vaccines, ensuring their effectiveness by maintaining suitable temperature conditions. By contributing reliable power, CTECHI helps build a national health barrier.

Commitment to Health and Safety

Health is the cornerstone of life, and CTECHI’s portable power stations continue to provide professional emergency power solutions, safeguarding this foundation and easing every anxious moment. By ensuring a stable power supply, CTECHI supports the vital operations of healthcare facilities and the wellbeing of patients.

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