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Medical Battery Pack Solution for Emergency X-ray Machine


1. About Medical Emergency X-ray Machine:

A,  Stability, the system adopts the "customer/server" structure mode, running safe and stable;

B,  Security, the system has perfect security design, can set up multi-level permission control system, can customize the use of permissions and passwords, automatic protection of power and other emergencies design, to ensure that data is safe and reliable;

C,  Friendly, friendly and intuitive interface, strong operability, fresh and clear structure, soft color, and fully consider the human visual fatigue factors, even if long-term use, the eyes will not be fatigue;

D,  Practicality, the system has powerful practical functions,  in the provision of image system functions, but also provide setype diagnostic templates;

E,   Industry,  the system has the characteristics of the medical industry, X-ray medical imaging workstation can store images and basic information in the computer's case system, which greatly improves the level of doctors and self-quality;

F,   Operability, the system fully introduces the new concept of “fool”, even if not without understanding the computer can be easily operated.

       2.  About Medical Emergency X-ray Machine Lithium ion Battery Requirements:

In response to customer requirements designed for field emergency X-ray machine, field B super machine, power outage emergency X-ray machine, field medical equipment power supply requirements, we comprehensive related equipment use characteristics, designed an emergency power lithium battery. The battery pack uses high safety, high consistency, high stability, long life of lithium phosphate lithium cell and imported chip, and MOS tube for the battery pack protection control management, the entire battery with high current continuous operation capacity, continuous output power up to 1000W, the maximum instant power up to 2KW, The battery pack, coupled with UPS, provides emergency power to most medical devices.

According to product specifications and customer requirements, the design of intelligent high-current lithium batteries that match the host, high-spec safety performance, good charge and discharge performance, high current operating ability, outstanding cycle life and other functions into the solution.



Cell   Model

Lithium   ion 18650 battery

Battery   Configuration






Charging   Voltage


Standard   Charging Current


Max.   Charging Current


Discharging   cut-off Voltage


Standard   Discharging Current


Maximum   Discharge Current


Max.   Peak Discharge Current


Internal   Resistance





3.     About CTECHI Make Battery Pack Solution of Medical Emergency X-ray Machine

A,  Protection board (PCM): According to the chemical characteristics of the lithium iron phosphate battery itself and the working characteristics of the X-ray machine, the targeted design protection line, in addition to overcharging, over-release, overcurrent, short-circuit protection functions, the design of the protection board also fully consider the problem of high-power cooling and the balance of the entire battery.

B,  Protection circuit: The use of imported IC and MOS tube, the core has been charged, over-released, overcurrent, short-circuit and other functions of online real-time monitoring. Enables the core to operate within a safe, stable and efficient range.

C,  Overcurrent fuse: Mainly for secondary protection design. Because the battery pack uses a relatively large capacity of high-power cell, although the battery management system has overcurrent and short-circuit protection, but if an exception will also lead to the failure of the protection function, in the case of short-circuit output will produce a very large current, resulting in a dangerous occurrence, so the scheme is added to the overcurrent fuse, when an abnormal short-circuit situation occurs, The fuse is open and unrecoverable for the purpose of abnormal protection.

D,  Battery pack: The battery pack's cells are balanced with resistance to compensate for the reduced capacity caused by the difference in unit cells during use, maximizing battery life.

E,  The battery pack uses a plastic bracket to isolate the fixed cell, which is more conducive to the cooling and safe use of the battery.


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