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Rise of Camping Among Influencers: Embracing the Sophisticated Camping Lifestyle


Since 2020, alternative lifestyles like picnicking and camping have been gaining popularity among young people. Fast forward three years, and the enthusiasm for camping remains undiminished. A search on China's enterprise database "Qichacha" for "camping sites" reveals that as of April 6, 2022, there are 44,862 camping site enterprises in China, with an addition of 5,037 new sites in the past three months alone. According to data from Xiaohongshu (Little Red Book), there are over 3.94 million notes related to "camping" as of mid-July 2022.

New Trends in Camping: Redefining the Camping Experience

Camping experiences can be broadly categorized into two types: "pack-and-stay" and "moveable camping."

The "pack-and-stay" camping model resembles an upgraded version of park picnics. Initially, it started with a "park + tent" setup. With the development of the camping industry, there are now over 1,000 camping bases in China, with gradually improved supporting facilities. Camping novices can easily "pack and stay," enjoying the joy of camping without the hassle.

However, where there are enthusiasts, there are also connoisseurs. In the eyes of many seasoned campers, the "moveable camping" model surpasses the convenience of "pack-and-stay" camping. Enthusiasts of "moveable camping" are typically urban "new middle class" individuals who exhibit conspicuous consumption patterns. They drive cars worth between 300,000 to 500,000 RMB, reside in exquisite tents, and prioritize sophistication in their camping experiences.

Essential Camping Gear

Camping entails outdoor sleeping and dining experiences. If you opt for the more hands-on "moveable camping" model, you'll need essential gear for sleeping and dining.

Material Needs: Tents, sleeping bags, moisture-proof pads... With these sleeping essentials, you can turn the great outdoors into your cozy sanctuary and meet the basic requirements of camping.

Within the camping community, there exists a hierarchy not only in camping styles but also in preferences for food, activities, and equipment. For instance, those who prefer cooking look down upon those who barbecue, while barbecue enthusiasts may scorn hotpot lovers, and so on. Therefore, how can you go camping without bringing electric grills or portable refrigerators?

CTECHi's portable energy storage power supplies can transport you from the Stone Age of fire-making to the era of freely using ovens and grills. Take the ST2000 for example – it effortlessly powers hairdryers, electric kettles, drones, and car refrigerators, covering over 99% of common appliances. With the ability to charge via solar panels, these power supplies ensure a constant supply of clean energy, allowing you to enjoy an uninterrupted outdoor experience.

Spiritual Needs: As the saying goes, a camping trip without a social media post is as good as not going. Besides satisfying material comforts like eating and drinking, a perfect camping experience also requires spiritual fulfillment.

Coffee pots, projectors, balloons, string lights, portable speakers... These items help create the perfect atmosphere for your camping trip. To capture Instagram-worthy photos, not only is decoration essential, but also top-notch photography equipment. Drones, digital cameras, and laptops for editing – each one relies on the robust support of CTECHi's portable energy storage power supplies.

It's worth mentioning that camping, despite its wonderful experiences, also entails uncertainties: sudden storms, midnight chills, and more. Energy storage power supplies not only enhance your camping experience but also serve as a safety net in times of unexpected challenges. At the very least, their power is sufficient to keep your phone running for two days outdoors, isn't it?

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