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CTECHi GROUP new LiFePO4 Energy Storage Battery launch


As the days go by, CTECHi has been in the battery industry for 13 years. In the past 13 years, the company has been pursuing innovation and progress. By constantly introducing new technologies and eliminating old ones, we have developed our own new energy storage battery - LiFePO4 Energy Storage Battery.

As we all know, the most common energy storage battery in the market is the traditional lead-acid battery, which is cheap in cost and difficult in technology, so it is widely used in various industries. What are the advantages of CTECHi GROUP new LiFePO4 Energy Storage Battery over lead acid? Let's answer that for you.

First of all, the longer service life, compared with the traditional lead-acid battery's circulation life of 300-500 times, the LiFePO4 Energy Storage Battery can reach 2,000 times, while the lead-acid battery can use up to 1.5 years, and LiFePO4 Energy Storage Battery can use up to 7-8 years. And it has more capacity than lead-acid batteries. At the same time, it also has the characteristics of small size and light weight. The volume of the lithium iron phosphate battery with the same capacity is 2/3 of the volume of the lead-acid battery, and the weight is 1/3. Secondly, the LiFePO4 Energy Storage Battery is green and environment-friendly, and the lead-acid battery contains heavy metal lead, which will affect the environment if not treated well.

Finally, LiFePO4 Energy Storage Batteries are fairly safe, and after rigorous testing, they don't explode in the worst traffic accidents.

New products are just a microcosm of our progress. We always believe that new technologies will affect human life and social progress. CTECHi has been on the road to developing new energy, new technology.

Please feel free to contact us through sales@ctech.net.cn, if you have any question.

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