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BYD Leads the Electric Vehicle Revolution with Blade Battery Technology


As the world's first automotive company to abandon traditional fuel-powered vehicles, BYD's transition to electric vehicles has been driven by its remarkable success in the new energy market. With all its models equipped with the innovative "Blade Battery" technology and the comprehensive coverage of the "DM-i hybrid" series, BYD has firmly established itself as a leader in the electric vehicle sector.

So, what makes the Blade Battery technology so special?

Firstly, the use of lithium iron phosphate as the positive electrode material provides superior thermal stability compared to ternary lithium batteries. Additionally, the Blade Battery's larger surface area, compared to other cylindrical cells, enhances heat dissipation. This unique design allows the Blade Battery cells to be directly arranged into battery packs, with the battery cover serving as part of the vehicle's chassis. As a result, more batteries can be packed into the same area, providing vehicles with extended range capabilities.

BYD's electric vehicles, powered by Blade Batteries, boast impressive range capabilities. For instance, the BYD Dolphin can achieve a range of 550km with a 61.4kWh lithium iron phosphate battery, and up to 700km with an 82.5kWh battery. Even with all-wheel drive, the Dolphin can achieve a range of 650km, setting a new standard in its class.

Recognizing the advantages of the Blade Battery technology, global automotive giants like NIO and Xiaomi are collaborating with BYD's subsidiary, Fudi Battery Company, to incorporate lithium iron phosphate batteries into their future models.

Meanwhile, CTECHI, a leading manufacturer of outdoor power stations, has also embraced lithium iron phosphate batteries in its product line. These power stations, featuring Blade Batteries similar to those used in BYD's electric vehicles, offer users the same benefits:

  • Extended range

  • Powerful performance

  • Safety features, including explosion resistance

Equipped with lithium iron phosphate batteries, CTECHI's outdoor power stations provide a safe and reliable power source for outdoor adventures, including RV travel. The high capacity of these power stations allows them to support various high-power devices, such as refrigerators, microwaves, and cameras.

Moreover, the exceptional safety and durability of lithium iron phosphate batteries make CTECHI's outdoor power stations ideal for emergency use and as portable charging stations for electric vehicles. With over 3000 cycles of long-lasting performance, these power stations provide peace of mind for families on the go.

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