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How can I save energy?


According to CTECHI Labs, the energy costs of operating a global data and communications network will soar from $40 billion in 2011 to $343 billion in 2025. wow! This amazing growth has been driven by the continued rapid growth of traffic.

In the face of such a huge increase, cutting communications consumption has become a priority for communications service providers. But how? How can energy costs be reduced while integrating new technologies and maintaining optimal network performance?

How can I save energy?

Today's base station sites are crowded with technology that requires the management of complex hardware. As energy demand increases, DC cables need to become thicker to carry the increased current. Not only do more space needed, but installation became more difficult, copper cable losses increased, and distribution points in cables generated more energy waste. All of this increases costs, which CSPs try to avoid when upgrading sites.

Bottom line impact

Savings per site are considerable:

Save on hardware: Power wiring costs

Save installation: Smaller AC cables and auxiliary equipment make installation easier and faster

Increased flexibility in site configuration planning: support for long-running feeder-free sites

More energy-efficient solutions

Universal Energy Solutions: Also available for small cellular sites (using AC power directly) and other AC radios that may be used in the future

Other obvious benefits include reduced mast loads (wind and mass), fewer cable slots (existing slots are usually full), significantly lower losses in AC power cords than in DC power supplies, the use of existing backup batteries, and space for modernization.

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