How I Built My Own Wind Turbine

by:CTECHi     2020-09-10
I want to show you how I built my own wind system from start to finish.Below is a list of the materials I started using.I bought a DC permanent magnet motor on eBay.
The motor is a 48 v dc motor, which serves as the rpm rating for the 2000 rpm, meaning that its output is 5 at 12 v dc.8 amps, with a speed of 500 rpm, is ideal for 12 volt battery system charging.I decided to make my wind turbine with PVC pipes, which is easy to buy in your local home products store.
My motor is 3 kWh in diameter, so I use 3 kWh PVC tube so I can slide the motor into the PVC tube.First of all, I split the 3-inch PVC into enough to make it easy for the motor to slide into the PVC.Now that I know how to easily slide the motor into the pipe, I used two large hose clamps to hold the motor in the PVC.
Next, I need a way for the wind turbine to turn freely in the wind, so I get a 3-inch PVC tee fitting.However, I decided to use a 2 x94 rigid mast for my tower so I could reduce the tee to 1-The 1/2 PVC pipe, which slides well into the 2-inch rigid pipe, allows for a smooth turning point.Now, I\'m going to make my turbine blades and turn the motor in the wind.
I used a piece of 6 Pax PVC schedule 40 white pipe and I cut it into 3 equal 36 Pax long.These must be cut precisely so that there is little need for balance.To be honest, it took me twice to get it right.
Next, I decided to use a piece of 2-inch PVC at the tail.I used a piece of plexiglass to make the tail part of the wind, about 12 tall and 24 long.I split the 2 PVC 24 x94 long vertically to allow the organic glass sheet to be installed between the PVC and drilled through the PVC and the vertical tail so that I can fix it firmly to the properYou must balance the tail with the motor installed in the 3-inch PVC in order to balance at the pivot point of the 2-inch rigid pipe for a smooth turn.
I had to cut off my 2 Pax PVC until it was fully balanced.A problem that has always been part of a horizontal wind turbine is called a wire twist if the constant change in the wind direction causes the wire to twist and eventually brake.In order to solve this problem, I designed a simple parking system through 1-1/2 rigid conduit above PVC, Velcro hole.
I placed a 2-inch long bolt through the hole fixed with the nut and lock washer.Next, I placed a 3-pin rod or bolt that was vertically fixed at the end of the 2 rigid pipe and tied it to 1-1/2 PVC so it does not rub.I fixed the vertical bolts around the 2 x94 rigid pipe with 2 hose clamps.
Now you are ready to connect your wind turbine to the tower and connect everything so you can start producing your own electrical energy.I realize it\'s just a glimpse of how I build my own wind turbine, but it gives you the starting point to build your own.I have the guide I use on my website
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