The significance of UL2271 certification to lithium battery protection board

by:CTECHi     2021-08-22

When seeing UL2271 certification, most people don’t know what it is doing? What is UL2271 certification? What is the significance of UL2271 certification for lithium battery protection boards? Following the creation of the Chinese people, let’s discuss the UL certification with you.

Recently, balance cars have been controversial and there are potential safety hazards. For balance cars, the quality of lithium batteries is the key, but the lithium battery protection board is the core of the lithium battery. The key part. Therefore, no one knows whether to use UL2271 for testing or to use UL1642 and UL2054 for the battery part and UL60950 for the power supply part. Now finally has the result. In order to meet the market demand, UL has introduced the new regulations for balance car certification, UL2271 and UL 2271. Our scientific experts and research engineering team have developed suitable test requirements and methods, which can be evaluated with confidence. And test the mechanical structure, electrical and fire hazard safety system of the entire balance scooter.

As recent news shows that there is an urgent demand for testing services for such products in the market, today we are happy to announce that we can provide testing and certification services to manufacturers and distributors in the market. At present, the US Consumer Product Safety Association (CPSC) announced that all manufacturers, importers, and distributors of balance scooters (including twist scooters), the balance scooter produced, imported, and sold in the United States must meet the safety standards of UL2271, including UL 2271 Balance Car Circuit System Certification Standard.

Therefore, UL2271 certification is an inspection of the safety of all balance bike products and a certification of the safety of this product. It is the inspection of balance car products and enterprise production, sales, import, etc., including the inspection of goods on the road (sea) in advance at ports, airports, and even. After the standard in the US market comes out, more countries may adopt the standard.

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