Test method for internal resistance of lithium battery protection board

by:CTECHi     2021-07-17

With the development of society and the prosperity of the electrical industry, lithium batteries are widely used, and lithium battery protection boards, which are the core part of lithium batteries, are becoming more and more popular and gradually become the focus of discussion. Learning and mastering the knowledge of lithium battery protection board is also becoming more and more important. Today, Chuangfa will share with you what are the internal resistance test methods for lithium battery protection boards?

Method 1: Connect the circuit as shown in the figure, use an internal resistance tester to measure the resistance between B- and P- as R1, and then test the resistance between B+ and P+ as R2, the internal resistance The resistance of the tester itself is R3, and the internal resistance of the protection board is R1+R2-2R3.

Method two, connect the circuit diagram as shown in the figure, use a multimeter to test the voltage between B-, P- and B+, P+, and the voltage value obtained is the inside of the protection board. Resistance, because the current in the circuit is 1A, so according to Ohm’s law: Ru003dU/I.

Connect the circuit as shown in the figure below, set the Li-Yan data according to the important project management table, then press the automatic button, and then press the button on the red test lead to test . At this time, the lights of the Li-ion tester should be lit one by one, indicating that the performance is OK. Press the display key to check the test data: ‘Chg’ means overcharge protection voltage; ‘Dis’ means over discharge protection voltage; ‘Ocur’ means overcurrent protection current.

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