Lishen Battery launches 24V lithium titanate starter module

by:CTECHi     2021-08-24
Trucks are all over the streets and alleys. However, the on-board battery in the truck cannot start smoothly every time. For example, in the cold winter, when trucks are full of goods running all night or waiting in line at a highway weighing station for weighing inspection, the on-board battery usually cannot release the power required to start the engine. In order to solve this pain point, Lishen Battery has launched the Lithium Oxide Starter Module, which can always supply the power required for the car to start during the whole process of the car's service life. Lishen battery It is understood that Lishen 24V lithium titanate starter module has reliable starting performance and can work stably under low temperature conditions. Its operating temperature range is -40℃-60℃. Compared with ordinary lithium-ion batteries, lithium-ion batteries have a longer life span, one is hundreds to thousands of times, and the other can reach tens of thousands of times. The energy density of lithium titanate is lower than that of ordinary lithium-ion batteries, but as a starting point The power supply is sufficient. In addition, in terms of charging and discharging speed, high current, and especially safety, lithium titanate batteries are superior to ordinary lithium ion batteries.
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