Biomethane has a 91% share in Sweden’s vast automotive gas market

by:CTECHi     2021-09-23
The proportion of biomethane in the gas composition of Swedish cars continues to increase. New data from the Swedish Statistics Bureau (SCB) shows that the proportion of renewable biomethane in 2018 was slightly higher than 91%. In addition, total automobile gas sales increased by 1.6GWh. Statistics for 2018 released by Statistics Sweden on February 19, 2019 showed that the proportion of biomethane in automobile gas reached 91.3%. In addition, the previous downward trend in automobile gas sales has been reversed. In 2018, automobile gas sales were 1.5 TWh, an increase of 1.6 GWh over the previous year. For EnergigasSverige, the growth of these two indicators is good news. The industry’s goal is that by 2030, 100% of Sweden’s car gas should use biomethane. The new figures show that we are rapidly approaching this goal, which is of course very satisfactory. In this regard, Sweden is the world leader. In 2018, the total sales of automobile gas increased, which is also a good thing. Maria Malmkvist, chief executive of the Swedish Gas Association (SwedishGasAssociation), said this bodes well for the future. According to data from the Swedish Gas Association (SwedishGasAssociation), as of the end of 2018, Sweden had 185 public car filling stations and 60 non-public filling stations serving private fleets. Sweden has been supplying car gas since the early 1990s. At first, it consisted only of natural gas, but since the emergence of biogas production and recent imports, the share of biomethane has been increasing year by year. Since 2008, the share of biomethane in Swedish car gas has exceeded 50%, and in 2018 it reached 91%. According to SCB's data on gas vehicle (NGV) registration, as of the end of 2017, the number of gas vehicle registrations was 55,117. Among them, 2,533 were buses, 854 were heavy-duty vehicles, and the rest were passenger vehicles and light commercial vehicles. Biomethane is an important part of the transportation sector's response to climate challenges. We believe that the demand for gas vehicles will increase in the future, so the demand for biomethane will also increase. It is also exciting to see so many positive signs of liquefied biomethane (LBG). Mamquist said: 'We are the sponsor of the LBG project.'
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