Toyota plans to build a hydrogen fuel cell plant to increase sales of fuel cell vehicles

by:CTECHi     2021-08-25
According to a report from the US 'Automobile News' on May 24, Toyota plans to build a plant for processing hydrogen fuel-powered batteries, which are a key component of hydrogen fuel-powered battery vehicles. Toyota wants to increase sales of hydrogen fuel-powered battery vehicles, allowing them to replace fuel vehicles and achieve zero emissions. Toyota mentioned that the plant will be located in Toyota City, and the company will also build a special processing line at the Shimoyama plant to process storage tanks for storing high-pressure hydrogen. Toyota claims that it will start large-scale processing of hydrogen fuel-powered batteries around 2020, enabling the company to achieve the goal of annual sales of more than 30,000 hydrogen-fuel-powered battery vehicles (including passenger cars and buses). In addition, Toyota also stated that hydrogen fuel-powered battery technology is mature and can be used in large-scale battery processing. Hydrogen fuel-powered battery vehicles should be popularized in 2020 to encourage people to use them widely. Toyota has launched the Mirai, the world's first fuel cell vehicle, in Japan, the United States and some European countries. The price of this car in the Japanese market is 7.2 million yen (approximately 420,000 yuan), but due to its high processing cost and complex manufacturing process, it has always been processed in small batches. Since its launch in 2014, only 5,300 units of this model have been sold. The large-scale processing of hydrogen fuel power cells and hydrogen storage tanks will help Toyota reduce the price of fuel power cell vehicles and help improve fuel power cell technology. In addition to Toyota, Honda and Hyundai are also processing fuel-powered vehicles, and many automakers are also developing fuel-powered battery technology. However, many automakers, including Nissan and Tesla, are focusing on pure electric vehicles. Toyota prefers hydrogen fuel-powered battery vehicles, because hydrogen fuel-powered battery vehicles can not only achieve zero emissions, but hydrogen refueling takes less time than charging.
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