The price advantage of companies such as power lithium batteries

by:CTECHi     2021-08-13

With the popularity of the unicycle market, power lithium batteries have become popular this year. Many manufacturers have heard the wind, especially the communication and digital battery PACK manufacturers. Faced with such a new cake, battery manufacturers see It's full of bloodshot eyes, and I want to eat this cake in one go. For battery manufacturers who are out of breath in the mobile power market, they are like hungry wolves who haven’t found their prey for many days. They are suddenly excited to the extreme! Amidst the sound of hungry wolves, the price war for lithium batteries has begun. Kicked off. Companies such as power lithium batteries have certain advantages in terms of price. I will give you an analysis from the following aspects: First, analyze the equipment input cost. Spot welding machine is a necessary equipment, an ordinary spot welding machine. The price is 3,000-5,000 yuan; the price of a 10-meter assembly line of iron pipe is 10,000 yuan, a soldering iron is about 100 yuan, a streamline is only 5-6, and a domestic power supply is 5,000 yuan. A load meter is 5,000 yuan, and a capacity cabinet is 30,000 yuan (generally none). A power battery aging device is at least 7,000 yuan or more (most of them don’t exist, or very few, most of them are chargers). Charge, discharge with load meter), with these devices, batteries can be produced. The second is the material procurement system. The PACK factory mentioned earlier and the PACK factory transformed from the cell trade. Due to the pressure of market competition, whoever chooses the cell cheaply is the trader who imports the cell in the market. There are many, especially Samsung’s imitations and B products. There are still long-term inventory of goods, the channel is unstable, it is easy to purchase substandard batteries. Generally, this type of manufacturer does not have standardized material confirmation procedures and standards, and basically does not conduct reliability tests on main materials. The entire quality control link is very lacking, such as incoming material inspection, incoming material inspection standards and testing methods. , Process inspection methods, abnormal feedback procedures, exception handling methods, finished product inspection standards, inspection methods, etc., are a very necessary quality control method, but ordinary PACK manufacturers do not, such as auditing in accordance with ISO standards I dare say that few can pass; everyone knows that lithium batteries are prone to accidents, and without quality awareness and control methods, the probability of problems and accidents increases. The third is the choice of BMS, because these manufacturers do not have the Ru0026D capabilities of BMS, in order to reflect the cost advantage, they will choose a cheap BMS, anyway, customers care about the price, but the technology does not understand; I will give you an example here For example, I take a 10-string BMS as an example. If MOS uses IR, it costs about 7 yuan, but if you use domestic and Taiwanese, it costs 2-3 yuan each. Generally, a 350W motor balance scooter requires BMS. 5-8 MOS, this can reduce a lot of costs at once. Many customers do not look at the materials used in the product, but only show that the price is cheap. In fact, it is a very unwise way to bargain. For the key materials of BMS, I suggest to use imported ones. Well, it’s not that I don’t support domestic products, but the battery is a dangerous product. Try to be as stable and safe as possible. In case something goes wrong, it’s not worth the gain. The current balance bike manufacturer has very limited independent technology, basically relying on the solution company and previous manufacturing experience. , The homogeneity of products is very obvious. It is only a simple way to rely on price advantage to compete. If you want to make a sudden emergence and obtain a good profit return, it is more to improve the ability of independent research and development and innovation. The fourth thing I’m talking about is the craftsmanship. I like to disassemble the battery. First, see whether the materials used in the product are solid, and the manufacturing process of the product. At present, there are many so-called power battery manufacturers, but there are not many manufacturers with good craftsmanship. Home, in fact, craftsmanship reflects the soft power of a battery manufacturer and an attitude towards product quality and safety. Why do you say that? Generally, small factories don’t spend too much energy and investment in product craftsmanship, and they don’t specialize. Ask the PE engineer to be responsible for this. Only large factories or manufacturers with high requirements will have a PE engineer to take charge of this work. The craftsmanship is not only for the overall beauty, but also for the safety and stability of the product. For example, whether the battery wiring is organized or disorderly, whether it is fixed with a bracket or glued between the cells, whether it is formed by stamping nickel sheets or striped nickel sheets, whether the cells are insulated with gaskets, etc. These seem to be very detailed aspects, but it takes a lot of time and labor to do it. The details are well done, which reflects a professional attitude! Responsibility for product safety! Fifth analysis of labor costs, small PACK factory department If you don’t believe it, you can check it out when you go to the factory. Generally, there are business department, marketing department, administration department, human resources department, purchasing department, finance department, Ru0026D department, quality department, and engineering department. , Production department and other departments. The bigger the company, the more it will be, not the less! In terms of recruiting, the eyebrows and beards are grabbed without screening, and the quality of personnel basically does not require all ages, mainly because such manufacturers do not follow labor. Salaries are calculated by law, so any high-quality employees are recruited. Of course, such manufacturers will naturally not train. People, machines, materials, and methods that are often mentioned in terms of quality cannot be talked about. There are basically no requirements for 5S at the scene. It feels messy when entering the door, and it is not neat and tidy. Elongation, quality, and supervisors are mostly from mobile power sources and mobile phone batteries. Professional power battery PACK talents are lacking, manufacturing experience and craftsmanship are lacking, and quality control points are not clear; the standards of employment determine the cost of employment. There is no doubt that the labor cost is much lower than that of a regular power PACK factory;

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