The first renewable generation-side energy storage subsidy method is implemented

by:CTECHi     2021-09-18
The first domestic subsidy method for energy storage on the power generation side of renewable energy was implemented in Qinghai Province. Recently, the Qinghai Provincial Development and Reform Commission, the Department of Science and Technology, the Department of Industry and Information Technology, and the Energy Bureau jointly issued the 'Notice on Printing and Distributing Several Measures to Support the Development of the Energy Storage Industry (Trial)Side energy storage development. The trial notice pointed out that for projects such as 'new energy + energy storageAt the same time, projects that are certified to use more than 60% of the local energy storage batteries in Qinghai Province will receive an additional 0.05 yuan/kwh on the basis of the above subsidies. The pilot notice emphasized that the energy storage capacity of new energy projects should not be less than 10% of the installed capacity of new energy projects in principle, and the energy storage time should be more than 2 hours. Priority is given to supporting integrated projects with a high energy storage ratio and a long period of time, and new energy and energy storage systems are simultaneously equipped with newly built and newly commissioned hydropower stations, so that the ratio of newly added hydropower to new energy and energy storage capacity reaches 1:2: 0.2. This subsidy is targeted for electrochemical energy storage projects that will be put into production in 2021 and 2022. The grid company will settle monthly in full and in full according to the amount of electricity, and the subsidy funds will be included in the grid company’s second supervision cycle. It is tentatively scheduled for two years, ending on December 31, 2022. As a major province in the development of energy storage, Qinghai’s 14th Five-Year Plan and 2035 long-term goals point out that the development of the energy storage industry will link the entire industrial chain of new energy equipment manufacturing; promote the high-end development of lithium-ion battery and terminal application industries, and support the development of photovoltaic manufacturing. , Wind power equipment, construction of new energy vehicles and supporting industrial bases. GGII preliminary statistics show that my country’s energy storage lithium-ion battery shipments will be 16GWh in 2020, of which electric energy storage is 6.6GWh, accounting for 41%, and communication energy storage is 7.4GWh, accounting for 46%. Others include urban rail transit, industrial and other fields. Energy storage lithium-ion battery. In 2020, power storage is still in the early stage of industrialization. Supported by a new round of favorable factors such as new energy grid connection, power auxiliary compensation policies, and power price adjustments, GGII believes that in 2021 my country’s energy storage lithium-ion battery market (power storage Lithium-ion batteries + lithium-ion batteries for communication energy storage) will usher in a demand inflection point.
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