The $179 heated sleeping bag liner keeps campers so toasty its makers claim you can sleep NAKED inside it when under the stars

by:CTECHi     2020-03-26
Camping outdoors in the summer can be a blessing, but even the strongest campers will admit that they sometimes feel the cold of the early morning air.
To fix this, an American company designed a heated sleeping bag that will keep you warm when the last batch of campfire goes out.
The company is very confident in its design and even claims that people can sleep naked outdoors.
The sleeping bag was developed by Utah-
Clothing and accessories for Ravean.
The first of these two designs is \"simple heated\", which is the shape of a standard mummy bag with two heated straps wrapped around the user\'s core and feet.
It slides into the user\'s sleeping bag and can be adjusted to where the heat is needed or the heat setting can be adjusted.
According to the company, the idea is to help campers with their current sleeping bags when they are not warm enough outside.
By using the heating pad, the user can increase the rating of the sleeping bag by 20 degrees, and the battery pack will be fully charged for 12 hours.
The second bag liner design is a heated sleeping bag that users can wear outside and keep warm in the cold morning air.
This design has a hood and three heating settings for each \"area\"-high, medium, low-for feet and body.
Since both are fully adjustable, the heated padding is onesize-fits-all.
Both designs operate on specially designed 12 v battery packs, as does the existing heating housing design for Ravean.
It is reported that the company put forward the idea in one of its partners
The founder went camping with a warm dolphin jacket from Ravean.
It has now launched a crowdfunding page for developing products and manufacturing battery packs.
The company has completed its target of $20,000 (£ 13,840) and has accumulated nearly $140,000 (£ 96,900) at the time of writing this report ). Co-
Founders Bryce Fisher, Jon bybie, and Henry doich claim the products are waterproofwashable.
But the most important thing for campers and hikers is that they squeeze small packages into a pack.
According to the company\'s Kickstarter page, the current schedule will release orders in October, and supporters can get a battery pack for $79 (£ 55, while the price of the sleeping bag liner starts at $179 (£ 124) for the battery.
Ravean wrote in the campaign: \"Sleep on the ground and don\'t take a shower for a few days, no matter where your inflatable boat is floating, but never give up the warmth.
The heating core and foot elements in Ravean\'s new heated sleeping bag liner provide warmth where needed, eliminating uncomfortable feet and bodies in any camping conditions.
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