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by:CTECHi     2021-07-03
No matter how you cut it, no matter how it is formed, electricity in any shape or form is consistently useful.At present, there are three forms of solar system for residential or commercial facilities.Deciding whether to use a battery is an important aspect of the system you come up with that uses solar energy to power your residence or business premises.
Grid-The tie system is a good one.
First choice for home solar systems.
This type of system combines the use of solar panelsAs a backup AC power inverter and local utility grid.When the power generated by your solar power generation system exceeds the demand, you will sell the additional power to your utility.When the opposite happens (requires more power than the solar system produces), you get the difference from the grid (power company.
Many utilities buy electricity from your grid, according to the law.However, the law was not unanimously accepted.Before connecting the solar system to the grid, be sure to check with the local utilities.
Not only do you need to get their permission, but you even need a technician to come to your house to check your entire solar system.When the grid-connected system uses the power grid as a backup power supply, the standby battery system uses a set of power to generate electricity at night and cloudy days, if the power grid fails.This type of system is more complex and is more exclusive than the grid connection system due to the need for additional controls and batteries.
A battery-The standby system requires different types in order to control different types of electrical connections to the local public grid and battery pack.The difference between using deep-cycle batteries as a backup power supply and using the grid is that when the grid fails, the extra cost and the ability to retain power at home.The cost of the battery will vary depending on the total size of your power system and the length of time you wish to reserve.
Usually, in the case of a power outage, the three-day power supply is the most needed.Depending on the type of battery and storage capacity, the price of a set of batteries can be between several hundred dollars and several thousand dollars.If you are uncomfortable choosing which battery to use, you need to go to a professional who works in these areas every day.
However, it is entirely possible to power the total energy needs of your entire home from deep cycle batteries, adjust your battery pack to only deal with items that are considered essential for survival, will minimize the total cost of your system
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