New batteries that surpass lithium batteries are available

by:CTECHi     2021-08-17

New batteries are available, completely surpassing lithium batteries, or you don’t have to worry about running out of battery power!

Although the current mobile phones are fully functional and can do many amazing things, there is always a shortcoming that is difficult to change, that is, the battery is not enough. Users who use iPhone know that although the iPhone has powerful performance, the battery is a drawback, which is also the most worrying issue for iPhone users. Although the capacity of domestic mobile phone batteries is getting larger and larger, they can't accommodate the frequent use of mobile phones by users.

Some people often use their mobile phones every day for work reasons, but they have to charge several times this day. For convenience, some people even keep their mobile phones out of charge. This is not only bad for the battery, but also dangerous for itself, but there is no way to improve the battery performance, and mobile phone manufacturers can only solve this problem by increasing the charging speed, so now domestic mobile phones will have ultra-fast charging.

In terms of functions, the mobile phone can be charged in a short time, but this is not a one-time method. The most important thing is to solve the problem of fast battery consumption. Therefore, Japan's new material batteries will come out and will surpass lithium batteries and achieve success. In order to solve this problem, it is reported that this new type of battery was developed by Japanese parts industry giant TDK.

TDK’s battery is a new type of solid-state battery, which does not contain electrolyte, so it is relatively safer than current lithium batteries, and solid-state batteries also have a larger capacity. Its advantages are not limited to this. Japan TDK has also spent a lot of thought to make this battery. The battery will eventually be as small as a button, so it will replace the traditional button battery and become a rookie in the battery industry. Don't look at its small size and very high energy. In the future, the battery will be used on the mobile phone to provide more power to the mobile phone. The most important thing is that the power consumption is greatly reduced.

According to TDK, solid-state batteries can be recharged 1500 times and their service life is greatly improved. At present, many automotive industries have begun research and development. Even the big Korean brands Samsung and LG have also joined the research and development ranks, but they have not yet formed and the technology has emerged, but TDK's solid-state batteries have been successfully tested and have been produced in small quantities. Next, it will be mass-produced, and it is expected that electronic products will be officially put into use in two years. The first thing that will be used is not a smart phone, but a smart watch.

There are also companies in Japan that apply this battery technology to smart contact lenses, but they don’t know how to install them into contact lenses. After smart watch devices, the next device is a smart phone; it will really become the size of a button, and the performance of the battery will exceed the current lithium battery. After that, solid-state batteries will be used in household appliances, electric vehicles and even automobiles. It seems that this is another major technological breakthrough. Mobile phones may start a new round of changes. Do you expect this kind of batteries? Are you still worried that your mobile phone will not have enough battery power?

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