LG G6 uses heat pipe cooling system to ensure safety at high temperatures

by:CTECHi     2021-08-23

On January 16th, according to a report from the technology website phoneArena, LG said that in order to prevent the battery temperature from being too high, the G6 mobile phone will use a copper heat pipe cooling system.

With the help of heat pipes, even in a high temperature environment of 150 degrees, the battery temperature will not be too high. Heat pipe cooling technology is widely used in PC, notebook and notebook batteries, which can reduce the internal temperature of the device by 6%-10%. During the design process, LG also deliberately kept a certain distance between the heating components inside the G6.

Picture: LG G6 adopts heat pipe cooling system

LG tries to regard safety as a major element of G6 different from Samsung Galaxy S8. By promising to use safer batteries, LG hopes to attract users who have had lingering fears about last year's Galaxy Note 7 bombing machine. LG said it is testing the new battery in a temperature environment that is 15% higher than the US and European standards.

LG also hopes that the G6 will be the first to sell the Galaxy S8. LG may release the G6 at the Mobile World Congress next month, which will be officially launched on March 10. It is said that the Galaxy S8 will also appear at the Mobile World Congress, but due to parts supply problems, the time to go on sale will be postponed to April. This will give Samsung the opportunity to carefully examine the Galaxy S8 design to avoid repeating the same mistakes as Note7.

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