how to get more out of your cell phone batteries

by:CTECHi     2020-09-10
How to get more from the cell phone battery?
In today\'s environment, mobile phones are not only luxury goods, but also necessities, if you use mobile phones for business and personal reasons like most people, then you will notice that the requirements for battery life are getting higher and higher.
Cell phone batteries are a vital part of this puzzle, but with care you can extend your battery life and keep your phone running for a long time.
The price of your phone can range from $20 to $ hundred, giving you the option to play music, browse the internet, take photos and even shoot videos.
I would like to pass on some useful tips on how to extend battery life and help you understand some small things that can make a big difference. -
Make sure you follow the guidelines provided by the factory on how to properly charge and discharge the battery.
Most new phones have lithium.
Ion batteries, while other batteries have nickel batteries, the labels on the batteries should provide you with this information.
If the charging is not normal, the nickel battery will lose battery life and you should let the battery fully discharge before charging again.
If you charge the battery part a few times, the battery will forget and will think it is fully charged and will have to be recharged later. A lithium-
The ion battery does not have to be readjusted, and the battery after full discharge must be fully charged, but do not stay on the charger for a long time.
Regardless of the battery type, use only the charger that comes with the phone. -
Another way to extend the battery life of the phone is to keep it cool, so don\'t put the phone in a car that can be exposed to the Sun, excessive use at high temperatures can cause the battery to lose some life, eventually, the cell phone battery will fail. -
Even if the indicator on your phone tells you something else, you\'ll need to initialize a brand new battery so it can get the maximum capacity.
Charge and discharge for nickel batteries 2-
4 times, the initial charging time is at least 16 hours. The lithium-
4-ion batteries that need to be charged
According to the model, 6 hours before use.
Note: It\'s a good idea to not fully discharge lithium
Ion battery, the life of the cell phone battery will be shortened whenever you fully discharge, instead, continue charging when the battery indicator reaches a bar. -
Battery storage may be something most of us have never heard of before, but if you don\'t use cell phone batteries for a long time, store them in a cool place and don\'t put them next to any metal object.
There is no need to freeze the battery, and there is no need to ensure that the battery is not exposed to any moisture.
The lithium battery does not operate at a refrigerated temperature, so before use, let the battery be placed at room temperature for about an hour.
You always need to charge the battery after storage. -
Keep the battery contacts on your phone clean and over time the contacts build up dirt and you will want to keep the contacts clean so you can get the maximum energy transfer.
Try to wipe the area with a cotton swab and wipe it clean with alcohol.
Wear can be the cause if you have any corrosion, when you have two different types of metal, such as gold and tin, that make up the contact.
If there is corrosion, apply some acetone or nail polish remover with Q-
Avoid damaging the tip of the plastic box.
Hopefully these helpful tips will give your phone a longer battery life and increase your phone usage time.
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