HIT battery rises best. What is this concept?

by:CTECHi     2021-09-25
A HIT cell is a photovoltaic cell, also known as a heterojunction cell. What is the difference between the heterojunction cell and the current traditional photovoltaic cell? With the cost reduction of equipment localization, silicon wafer thinning, and low-temperature silver paste consumption, HIT batteries are expected to achieve rapid development in the future and have long-term potential, but there are certain bottlenecks in short-term development. I personally think that this sector is a concept of high input and low output. Aiming at the improvement of photovoltaic efficiency, it will not have a great impact on ordinary users and regular use places, and it has greater technical difficulties. It is just a hot topic of hype and gimmick. It is a technology that can greatly increase production and profitability of the company. It is only really more competitive, and the market has a different understanding of product advantages. The market is not the same. It must be bought. It's not a new market, so the effect is obviously not that big.
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