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by:CTECHi     2020-05-01
The first portable computer, called Osbone 1, was developed in 1981.
This heavy and bulky machine uses a CP/M operating system, which means that the control scheme is commonly used for monitoring in 1970 s MS-
After launching ibm pc in 1981, DOS wiped it out.
Finally, professionals are able to move their data and information on portable computers.
The only problem is that since it can\'t use the battery, it has to be plugged into a power outlet.
Kypro 11 is considered to be perfect, not a competitor to Osbone 1.
When it comes to the screen function, it is twice the size of Osbone 1, and when buying a new one, it comes with a package, compared to Osbone 1, it has twice the storage capacity and dual-density floppy disk drives.
Next is Bondwell 2, which was not released until 1985, as a result of the decline in the CP/M operating system.
Compaq was launched in 1983, when the standard computer platform was considered IBM\'s personal computer.
Other laptop models after Epson PX-
4, nec pc 8401A, PX-8 and NEC PC-8500.
None of these four units come with a standard hard drive or floppy disk, although they modify the system using CP/M in the Rom.
In November 2005, Nicholas Negroponte, then secretary-general of the United Nations, released a prototype of the laptop.
When it comes to choosing a good laptop battery charger, negligence should be highly considered when purchasing a laptop battery charger.
In order to avoid buying a charger that may damage the computer\'s battery, it is better to check the user manual to ensure that the necessary specifications are followed.
It is important to pursue the best quality, as the charger immediately becomes a part of the laptop, just like the battery.
There are several types of laptop battery chargers, one of which is the solar charger, which basically converts the energy obtained from the sun into electricity through the photovoltaic effect.
Solar chargers are better because they are environment friendly because when they charge the battery, the battery does not contribute to the filling of the land.
So be sure to buy a high quality laptop battery charger.
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