Frequent safety accidents, the dominant position of lithium-ion batteries may be threatened

by:CTECHi     2021-08-09

According to Bloomberg News, another lithium-ion battery explosion occurred, this time at an energy storage plant in the United States. According to Bloomberg New Energy Finance, at least 21 fires have occurred in South Korea due to lithium battery problems.

The performance of the lithium-ion battery itself is not dangerous, but when the operation is improper, potential dangers may occur.

Local regulatory agencies are conducting thorough investigations, and companies are also worried about whether there will be lithium battery explosions. After all, lithium battery technology is currently the only battery energy storage technology that can be marketed. .

Wood Mackenzie Power u0026 Renewables analyst Ravi Manghani said that if fire accidents continue, the development of the lithium-ion battery market will definitely slow down in the short term. And if other battery energy storage technologies mature and can control costs, the status of lithium electronic batteries is bound to be threatened.

These explosions are not at the right time. If the price of lithium plummets as a result, it will surely trigger turbulence in the global market.

Nowadays, lithium batteries have a cost advantage and can compete with traditional energy storage equipment. So now there is a frenzy of universal use of lithium-ion batteries. For example, in the solar field, from solar developers to households are using this technology to store solar energy.

At the same time, the development of the global electric vehicle market has also entered the fast lane, especially in China.

The China Association of Automobile Manufacturers predicts that China’s electric vehicle sales will reach a record 1.6 million this year, up from 1.2 million in 2018, accounting for about half of global sales.

Bloomberg also reported that there are currently 486 registered electric car manufacturers in China, which has more than tripled the year before.

But after the explosion, all this may change.

Bloomberg New Energy Finance analyst Logan Goldie-Scot said that if this energy storage method is judged to be unsafe, then the multi-gigawatt storage deployment plan will be threatened.

The self-detonation of Tesla Inc. in China has also caused widespread concern. Tesla said this week that it is investigating the cause of the accident.

The accident has become a potential selling point for Tesla's competitors.

Volta Energy Technologies is a company researching emerging energy storage technologies. The company’s CEO Jeff Chamberlain said that today, competitors of lithium-ion batteries hope to surpass Lithium Ion Battery.

But they also need to realize that lithium-ion batteries are still a strong competitor. After all, since 2016, lithium-ion batteries have accounted for more than 85% of global power deployments each year, and other technologies themselves are potentially dangerous.

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