Features and precautions of lithium ion battery protection board

by:CTECHi     2021-07-08

The lithium battery protection board has the main functions of overcharge protection, overdischarge protection, overcurrent protection, short circuit protection, temperature protection, charge power balance management, and temperature protection. But if you want to buy a good lithium battery protection board, the following are some of the characteristics and points to be noticed by the Chinese people: Features:

(1) Main technical parameters:  

 a .Overcharge protection voltage

 b. Overcharge actual battery voltage

 c. Overcurrent protection voltage

d. Overdischarge protection voltage

e. Overdischarge recovery voltage

f. Self-consumption during normal operation

g. Self-consumption current in standby state (quiescent working current)  

h .Short circuit protection time

(2) The main component board used in the battery protection board: PCB board, the process is divided into: gold, gold, nickel, spray tin, and tin. The most complicated, the cost is slightly higher: the color is generally divided into: green oil, black oil, butter. The board thickness is generally: 0.4mm, 0.6mm, 0.8mm, 1mm, 1.2mm. The FPC board and battery protection board are generally single-sided and double-sided, but due to cost, the manufacturers have changed to single-sided, and the general thickness is 0.1mm.    PCB board and FPC board, FPC board has the highest cost. Many manufacturers try not to make FPC boards and switch to PCB boards. ------- There are flexible boards ranging from 0.5 yuan to 3 yuan. According to different requirements, the price is different.

Control IC:   

A. Ricoh Japan: RN5VM111C, RN5VM112C, R5421N11C, R5421N112C, R5421N51F, R5421N152F, RS5VG201C, RS5VG202C (for dual-cell 168 and 338)   

B. Seiko: 8241, 8261, 8491, S-8261, 8232 (used in TWO CELL 168, 388)   

C. The beauty of Japanese beauty: MM1491, MM1421, MM3061, MM3077  

D. Motorola: MC33349   

E. Taiwan Liqi: RT9542OCER, RT9545OCER(RICH)   

F. Fortune Taiwan: DW01, DW01 (Fortune)   

G. Taiwan IC: A8631, A8632, 301, 302, 002B and other MOSFETs:   

CET: CEM9926, CEM9936, CEM9925  


 SI: 9926, 6968 

 FDS: FDS9926  


SILICONLX: SI9926, SI6869   

Motorola: 7N02, NTQD6968    p>ST: 9926, 6N03V, 5N20V 

 SANYO: D2011, D2017

Decoding IC:   

United States: DS250   

Taiwan: TF2923, TF2928, TF2929, TF2933, TF2935, TF2936, TF2937  

Taiwan: SC2502, etc.

Ericsson special code: 508A, 509A The highest price, about 5.5 yuan.  

NTC (Negative Temperature Coefficient): The resistance value decreases as the humidity increases, and the function plays a protective role. The standard is 25 degrees Celsius, and the resistance value is different at different temperatures.  

NCT 10K is suitable for Motorola and Ericsson.  

NTC 47K is suitable for NOKIA.  

For general customers, they do not require NTC for the protection board. -------The price of decoding IC varies greatly depending on the situation. Attached protection board schematic diagram


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