Duke Energy will invest US$500 million in battery energy storage technology in the next 15 years

by:CTECHi     2021-08-31
Duke Energy Corporation of the United States announced a few days ago that it will invest US$500 million in battery storage technology in North Carolina over the next 15 years to help support the power grid and improve reliability. This week, Duke submitted an application to the North Carolina regulatory agency for approval of the HotSprings microgrid project in Madison County, which is a 2 MW solar power plant equipped with 4 MW of lithium-ion battery storage. facility. Duke plans to close a half-century-old coal-fired power plant in Asheville in 2019 and replace it with natural gas generators, equipped with energy resources such as solar energy and batteries. Duke Energy provides electricity to 2 million users in North and South Carolina in the United States, with a generating capacity of 17,700MW. It is an important supplier of electricity and natural gas in the United States, and it also enters the international market. In the United States, it controls the 12,000-mile interstate pipeline transportation system and is the largest liquefied gas supplier and natural gas station in the United States. Duke Energy's commercial power stations are all over the United States. Its Duke/FluorDaniel (Duke/FluorDaniel) is an important builder of fossil fuel plants. Duke International’s power stations and pipelines are important in Australia and Latin America, but the company plans to expand to Europe. The company also operates other businesses including telecommunications. Company business: power supply, including energy services, energy transportation, venture capital, and power companies. Duke Energy, a public utility company headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina, said the investment would be equivalent to adding about 300 megawatts of capacity. Currently, the company's battery pack storage capacity is approximately 15 megawatts.
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