Damon Industrial Roller helps my country's new energy battery manufacturers go abroad

by:CTECHi     2021-09-13
The rapid development of the new energy automobile industry represented by Tesla has attracted much attention as the core of new energy batteries. Thanks to the advantages of environmental protection and high energy density of new energy batteries, in addition to the automotive industry, the industry also has a wide range of applications in fields such as energy storage and portable mobility. It is precisely the rapid development of this industry that new energy battery manufacturers such as CATL, BYD, AVIC Lithium Battery, Envision AESC, Guoxuan High-tech and Yiwei Lithium have emerged in China, occupying the world’s most important new energy battery market. Share. Aiming at the global dividend market, domestic battery manufacturers are gradually moving overseas. For example, Ningde Times established a battery production base in Erfurt, Thuringia, Germany. Among them, the rollers of Zhejiang Dema Industrial Equipment Co., Ltd. (abbreviated as Dema Industry) were used in large quantities in the production and conveying system of the German factory in the Ningde era. How does Damon Industrial's roller meet the important characteristics of the new energy battery production and transportation process? 1. In accordance with the industry's requirements for banning zinc and copper, we use stainless steel 304 pipes and plastic drive components and bearing components to construct and supply our roller products. Regarding the special high temperature area, the reliability and durability of the product are guaranteed by laser welding using non-zinc and copper metal parts. 2. New energy batteries must be filled with electrolyte before packaging. The electrolyte is like the blood of the human body. It has an important impact on the performance of the battery. In order to keep the proportion of each component of the electrolyte under strict control, the injection workshop will be very dry. , Requires humidity ≤ 2% (dew point -30~-40). Such an environment is a challenge for the plastic parts of the plastic multi-ribbed belt wheel conveyor roller commonly used in the industry. The plastic parts will cause 'dehydration' in this environment, and the size of the parts will change, resulting in the failure of the roller transmission and production. The stop of the conveyor line. Relying on the in-depth research on roller structure and plastic materials, Damon Industry has developed specially matched pipes with stiffeners, which effectively guarantees the effective transmission of plastic poly-ribbed pulleys and steel pipes, and ensures the stability and reliability of conveying. 3. With the continuous improvement of energy density and production efficiency, the weight of the new energy battery turnover box is also increasing, from the original 100Kg to the current 200Kg, and even further to 250Kg. This puts forward extremely high power output requirements with regard to the standard power configuration of electric rollers for roller conveyor lines in this industry. Damon Concord’s electric roller has 200% power output margin of similar products, and a unique high-torque switching mode (equivalent to the sport or mountain mode of a car), which can easily meet the current and future battery turnover box weight of the industry The need for upgrades. 4. The electric roller of Damon Concord is equipped with Conveylinx-ECO, a bus intelligent drive card for industrial Ethernet communication. The smart drive card is remotely controllable, automatically identified, built-in logic, and supports preventive maintenance of the system. These four basic functions support the communication link and information exchange of the system platform, and realize multi-sensor external perception. Automatic wake-up, traffic judgment, precise positioning and orderly access are built into the operating strategy of the device, and can be shared with the battery factory Participate in the maintenance of the system, which fully matches the needs of modern smart factories in the industry. 5. In addition to meeting the production and transportation needs of new energy batteries in terms of product and application characteristics, Damon Industrial’s rollers also have local roller products overseas (Europe, Romania, the United States, Australia, Japan, Malaysia, and Indonesia). In order to meet the localized service needs of customers for overseas projects, the maximum response and support can be achieved. Relying on the above-mentioned characteristics and services of the products, Damon Industrial Roller has won the trust and choice of customers. It is reported that its products have been widely used in domestic battery factories such as CATL (CATL), CATL, BYD, Guoxuan Hi-Tech, Yiwei Lithium, Xinwangda, etc., and help domestic new energy battery manufacturers to go abroad. .
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