Bosch develops cloud system to reduce battery consumption by 20%

by:CTECHi     2021-09-19
Foreign media reported that Bosch is developing new cloud services to improve vehicle battery management, so that the battery life of electric vehicles will be longer. For example, smart algorithms are used to detect battery stress factors and thereby optimize the charging process. The intelligent software function in the cloud continuously analyzes the status of the battery and takes measures to prevent the battery from aging. Bosch said that this method can reduce battery loss by up to 20%. 'Bosch connects electric vehicle batteries to the cloud, greatly improving performance and service life,' said Markus Heyn, managing director of RobertBosch GmbH. The cloud service also uses real-time data from the vehicle and its environment to optimize the charging process of each battery cell, and provides the driver with customized information about battery-saving driving style directly on the vehicle display. However, Bosch did not disclose the extent to which these recommendations will be adopted. The first customer of this new service is my country's mobile travel service provider Didi, and Bosch is grouped under the heading 'Battery in the Cloud'. As we all know, extreme temperatures and rapid charging and discharging (for example, when driving too intensely, especially when the battery is too hot or too cold) will put pressure on the battery and cause the battery to age faster, and high charge levels will also add pressure. Therefore, Bosch hopes to use its software to prevent the battery from being charged at 100% when it is too hot or too cold. Reducing the charge level by a few percentage points will reduce the cost range, so you can use the battery to extend the battery life and obtain huge benefits. Bosch said it hopes to optimize the current solution by improving the database. Although the current battery management system only monitors and controls the current state of the battery, the Bosch system will also include the charging history of each battery and other environmental data. In addition, the software can more accurately predict the service life of a single cell. If the data is evaluated not only for the vehicle, but also for the entire fleet, the algorithm used can identify more stress factors, thereby affecting its future development trend.
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