bluetooth headphones tips - prolonging li-ion battery life

by:CTECHi     2020-04-07
Many Bluetooth headsets use lithium.
Ion type of rechargeable battery.
In fact, it is not only the most popular rechargeable battery in Bluetooth headsets, but also the most popular among other electronic devices such as laptops and mobile phones.
One of the main reasons for Lee ision (lithium-ion)
Batteries are the favorite battery type for many Bluetooth headsets because they have a larger energy storage capacity.
This means Li-
More energy for ion batteriesto-
Than other kinds of materials, such as nickel metal hydroxide (NiMH)or nickel-cadmium (NiCd)batteries.
For the same amount of nickel or nickel-
Cadmium, lithium-
Ion batteries can keep more power.
The second main reason is
On the battery, even if you re-power them without completely draining the stored energy, it will not reduce performance.
Unlike other batteries, Li-
The ion battery does not show so-
Called memory effect
It also has a stronger ability to resist harsh temperatures and is not self-contained
When it is stored, the discharge speed is as fast as other types.
Everyone likes Li very much.
The fact that ion batteries are timeless is that they have a limited life span.
If used properly and properly taken care of, they can actually provide power for your Bluetooth headset for up to three years or so.
The key here is Li-who knows how to make Bluetooth headsets-
The ion battery pack achieves the best life.
Here are a few tips.
Don\'t empty your battery completely. Li-
Actually, the Ion battery does not need to be completely emptied before you need to charge.
In fact, if you often leave the battery empty before charging, you will shorten the life of the battery.
However, complete discharge is also healthy.
For example, after a partial charge cycle of 25 or 30 times, the ion battery is charged from time to time.
Never let your Lee
When you charge the battery, the battery reaches a high temperature.
Heat not only poses a safety risk, but also shortens the life and energy capacity of the battery.
If you are going to leave the Bluetooth headset idle for a while, you should make sure that there is at least half of the batterycharged.
Also, if you don\'t use these devices for a long time, don\'t put the battery in your Bluetooth headset.
If you do this, the active material may leak out, corrosion and damage your equipment.
Store the battery in the shade.
Even the fridge is OK, but the fridge will never.
These practical tips are easy to remember.
If you keep them in your heart and follow them, you can be sure of your Li-
The ion Battery of the Bluetooth headset will last the longest service life.
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