Battery ripoffs jolted

by:CTECHi     2019-12-20
Today\'s cordless tools and electronics are amazing.
At least before the battery gets lazy.
That\'s when I\'m going to be scolded.
The sad fact is that when it comes to battery replacement for cordless devices, most manufacturers can\'t resist the opportunity to earn \"remaining profits\" at our expense.
In addition to that, how do you explain that the cost of replacing the tool battery is usually almost the same as the cost of purchasing a brand new cordless tool-including the battery, housing and accessories?
This situation is clearly intended to take advantage of the weak position of consumers, but it has all changed.
The monopoly has been completely broken, and Canadians have also broken.
In the early days, I stumbled upon this happy development.
As I walked down the aisle of the Canadian family workshop exhibition looking for interesting new things, I noticed the booth of a company called BatteryBuyer. com (800-730-8658; www. batterybuyer. ca).
At first, I thought it was a company that rebuilt the old cordless tool battery pack by installing the new battery at a price that was slightly lower than the amazing new battery cost of the tool manufacturer.
There is nothing new, but I looked at it carefully. I\'m glad I did.
Private BatteryBuyer.
Com did what should have happened before.
Two years ago, they started selling brand new rechargeable battery packs for almost all known cordless devices-tools, mobile phones, cameras, cordless phones and even ipod (
Battery included-
Change the instructions and tools for opening the case).
They charge a reasonable price, maintain an excellent retail site, provide economical shipping options for global delivery, and their batteries are usually better than the ones originally provided by the manufacturer.
To know exactly how they get better, you need to understand a little bit --
Known features for all rechargeable batteries.
Each cordless device is designed to use a battery with a specific voltage.
But the voltage tells only half of the cordless battery story.
The other half is Ma \'an-hours (mAh).
If the cordless tool is a car, then the voltage is roughly the same as the horsepower of the engine. Milliamp-
On the other hand, the hour corresponds to the size of the gas tank.
Battery packs with high mAh ratings run longer before they need to be charged, despite the problem.
Many tool companies downplayed the mAh rating of the batteries they provided.
You may find a 1 if you look closely. 2 mAh or 1.
Print a fine 7 mAh rating on a battery somewhere, but as long as that\'s not the case, you won\'t be able to find anything.
By contrast, BatteryBuyer\'s decision maker.
Com chose the full disclosure policy, clearly listed the mAh rating, and then went one step further.
In addition to offering lower battery prices than most OEMs, BatteryBuyer.
Com offers batteries with higher mAh ratings.
They also use Panasonic batteries exclusively in all battery packs-which is widely regarded as top-class batteries in the field of rechargeable batteries.
If it is actually possible to buy a better battery for less money, then why has no one done so before?
Based on my initial experience with these products, the battery is also great.
I tried their replacement on the 14 th. 4-
The impact of Fu Dewei (
$45 battery cost)and 18-volt Ryobi ($40).
My tools have obvious strength, speed and endurance. BatteryBuyer.
Com also sells batteries for those beloved old 7. 2-volt and 9. 6-volt ($25 to $35)
The pastoral drill bits that people like to continue to use are light in weight and compact in structure.
To be fair, Ryobi is a tool manufacturer who has decided to voluntarily stop replacing battery blackmail.
Replace batteries for their One
For years, the Plus system has been priced reasonably at $35.
However, if Ryobi is to be replaced, BatteryBuyer.
Com raised the stakes.
They offer nickel-metal hydrogen (Ni-mH)
Just a little more than the price of the stock Ryobi battery, the battery pack with a greatly improved mAh rating. Ni-
MH is a battery technology that Ryobi himself has never provided.
Although capitalism has its disadvantages, it does have its advantages.
People will notice this when making excess profits.
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