4 fancy cell phone chargers

by:CTECHi     2020-03-20
If you stick to your smartphone, you may be used to your gadget without juice when it doesn\'t fit.
While the phone always comes with a charger, battery and electronics companies believe the phone may not be enough.
Battery manufacturer strength (
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Power supply equipment manufacturer Powertraveller and other companies produce their own charging devices that power out phones, charge them wirelessly, or have no access to wall sockets at all.
Ramon Lamas, senior research analyst at IDC\'s Mobile Device Technology and Trends Group, said that while they may not have been popular, early adopters were excited about these gadgets, even useful for everyday tech users.
Here are some popular after-sales mobile phone chargers.
Duracell myGridPros: in theory, all you do is install a power sleeve or power clip on the power socket of your phone, set it on the myGrid mat, and then it
According to Duracell, you can charge up to four devices on myGrid, and they charge as fast as the standard charger.
Cons: Actually, if you have a BlackBerry, the power clip may need to be connected upside down due to the direction of your plug, which means you end up having to put your phone on your face
Put it on the mat to charge it.
This can lead to awkward unexpected calls or at least prevent you from easily checking for any messages.
When we first received our test model, it was missing an important clip that helped deliver power to the cell phone\'s battery, and the kit did not include instructions.
Not a good sign. Price: $59.
99 for starter kits including power grids, power clips, and adapters.
Instead of a clip, turn around your iPhone or BlackBerry with your sleeves and it will cost about $35.
PowermatPros: like myGrid, the Powermat charger is a long mat that can wirelessly charge the phone.
According to the manufacturer, it is equipped with a power supply and eight different power tips, making the charger compatible with hundreds of different devices.
Also, there is no benefit for the mat to have a traditional charger.
\"The technology of the mat itself stops charging after the device is fully charged, which the normal charger cannot do,\" Eisenstein added . \".
\"It will give you the right power in the right time.
Cons: While the Powermat may be more attractive than Duracell myGrid, and the case is placed on the back of the phone so you can charge while you are charging, the powermat can only charge three devices at a time, myGrid can charge four devices.
In addition, the price of Powermat is higher.
For mats and three phone receivers you can easily pay $220. Price: $99.
A Home Office mat is between $95 and $29. 99 and $39.
A receiver 99.
This PowerMonkey Explorer solar ChargerPros: PowerMonkey is an incredibly flexible gadget.
It comes with solar cells, battery packs and many small adapters.
Solar cells can be connected directly to battery packs or devices.
In the evening, or when the weather is bad, you just plug in the battery pack to charge.
It is even equipped with an adapter that can charge your battery pack even if you travel outside the USS.
Cons: This gadget comes with too many small things that can be a little more to carry with you, which can be easily lost during travel, especially if you are backpacking in Europe, for example.
If you can\'t get into the wall exit and the sky is dark, you may be in trouble.
Unless you have a fixed charger and, like most people, plug it in when you sleep at night. Price: $69. 95.
Energizer XP 2000 pro: This simple pocket phone charger is essentially a portable battery that you can use to charge your phone no matter where you are when it\'s out of power.
You can charge the battery by plugging the battery into the wall or by USB.
According to the company, it can charge your phone three times, once.
This lasts longer than Duracell\'s similar Instant Charger in our tests.
Cons: Like any rechargeable battery, it keeps less power if you use enough. Price: $31. 76.
Duracell Instant ChargerPros: This charger is more compact than the Energizer pocket charger we tested and has an on-
Turn off the switch so you can accurately control when to start and stop charging.
Cons: The company\'s spec sheet says the gadget provides \"extra power up to 35 hours\", but it can\'t even charge the dead BlackBerry Curve in full. Price: $31. 43.
Why spend money?
All these gadgets are potentially useful and interesting.
But did they save us money?
The companies say, unlike regular chargers, both myGrid and Powermat will stop sending energy to their phones when they are fully charged.
However, the cost savings in this area are almost negligible, but this ability may actually help protect your battery.
\"One of the biggest causes of battery rapid death is that when you just need to charge your phone about four hours, you let it charge overnight,\" said Llamas of IDC . \".
Constant current from the normal Wall Charger \"helps kill your battery,\" he explained \".
Solar energy though-
The electric phone charger does not need any power at all, and the electricity you save may also be negligible.
But for those of you who keep holding an old phone with a weak battery all the time, you can keep the old brick working longer by buying a simple portable charger like Energizer\'s XP 2000, and postpone the purchase of new mobile phones.
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