The energy density has soared by 5 times! Tesla's revolutionary 4680 battery settled

by:CTECHi     2021-09-03
No one can think of it. On Tesla’s Battery Day held in September this year, Tesla will be able to screen the global media circle with the 4680 battery. However, under Musk's 'carryingA few days ago, we learned from the Foreign Media Department that Panasonic announced that it will cooperate with Tesla to establish a new production line at the Nevada Super Factory to produce Tesla’s latest 4680 electrodeless battery. And as Panasonic's 14th production line in the Tesla plant, the investment in the new production line will exceed 100 million US dollars. It is understood that this investment will land in the battery factory 'Super Factory No. 1' in Nevada, USA, and the new 14th production line will be used to produce 4680 batteries. After commissioning, the plant can increase its output by 10% to 39 GWh per year. On the previous battery day, this revolutionary battery was 'very praised' by Musk. It uses laser-engraved electrodeless technology, removes important heating components of the battery, reduces internal resistance, and has higher thermal stability and controllability of the battery. The length of the 4680 battery is 80mm, the single energy is increased by about 5 times, the power is increased by 6 times compared with the battery with tabs, and the battery life is increased by 16%. Musk's expected target for its energy density is 200wh/kg. In addition, in terms of innovative manufacturing and assembly, Musk said that the 4680 battery saved a total of about 86% of the cost, and each Kwh reduced the cost by 76%. Compared with traditional fuel vehicles, electric vehicles have more cost advantages. Now, as Panasonic and Tesla have stated that they will put this revolutionary battery into production by Panasonic, this means that the 4680 battery may soon appear on Tesla models. It’s worth noting that, because Tesla had previously put into production in Shanghai, my country, a new plant, and domestically produced Model 3 models, using Ningde era and LG batteries, it obviously means that Tesla is not bound to Panasonic in the battery. Therefore, some discordant factors have also appeared between the two. But from the point of view that Tesla first delivered its revolutionary 4680 battery to Panasonic and put it into production, and Tesla models have repeatedly set new highs in recent times, and Tesla has placed a large number of orders with it, the relationship between the two Somewhat eased.
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