The demand for lithium batteries for electric bicycles is expected to increase by more than 70% next year

by:CTECHi     2021-09-05
According to the China Bicycle Association, in recent years, the annual sales of electric bicycles in my country have exceeded 30 million, and the social ownership has approached 300 million, and the output of bicycles above 1,000 yuan has continued to grow. Among them, in 2019, high-end products represented by lithium-ion electric bicycles accounted for 13.8% of the total output of electric bicycles, with an annual output of nearly 5 million units, a new high. Since April 2020, the output of electric bicycles has gradually increased. According to data from the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the output of electric bicycles was 22.853 million from January to September, a year-on-year increase of 30.3%. In September, the output of electric bicycles was 399.99 million, a year-on-year increase of 51.5%. On April 15, 2019, the 'E-bike Safety Technical Specification' was officially implemented, which the industry called the new national standard. The standard requires that the frame weight of electric bicycles be controlled below 39kg, and lithium iron phosphate batteries with lighter weight and higher energy density will become the mainstream choice for electric vehicle companies. Under the guidance of this policy, domestic giants such as Yadi, Emma, u200bu200band Luyuan have successively launched new national standard products. Emerging brands such as Mavericks and No.9 have mainly used lithium batteries as their technical routes from the beginning of their birth. At the same time, more and more manufacturers have entered the electric two-wheeler market. Recently, Yiwei Lithium Energy announced that the company reviewed and approved the 'Proposal on Changing the Use of Part of the Funds RaisedUsed to build a fully automated cylindrical ternary lithium-ion battery production line; the main application areas are power tools and electric bicycle markets. On October 29, the first batch of Didi Qingju batteries offline ceremony hosted by Ford Battery Co., Ltd. (a battery independent brand under BYD) was held in Shenzhen. He Long, Vice President of BYD Group and Chairman of Verdi Battery, said at the off-line ceremony that the 'two-wheeler' battery project is an important product line of Verdi Battery, and the product line of Verdi Battery's 'two-wheeler' battery will be in the future. With a growth rate of tens of times, a large number of 'two-wheeler' battery production lines will be launched in Qinghai, and the business of 'three-wheeler' and 'four-wheeler' battery will be expanded simultaneously. In August, Guoxuan Hi-Tech and Didi Chuxing signed a strategic cooperation agreement to enter the shared motorcycle field on a large scale. At present, about 340,000 batteries have been supplied to the motorcycles operated by Didi, and the supply is expected to exceed 600,000 sets throughout the year. In addition to Didi, Guoxuan Hi-Tech also conducts business negotiations or technical docking with Haro Travel, JNeng Dingli, Yadi, Emma, u200bu200bLuyuan, Mavericks, etc. In June, Lishen Battery and Xinri Electric Vehicle held a strategic cooperation signing ceremony. Xinri Electric Vehicles will purchase more than 50 million cylindrical 18650/21700 ternary batteries from Lishen Battery. In addition, Lishen Battery has been supplying supporting models to Meituan's two-wheel business unit since June this year. In June 2019, Harbin Travel, CATL and Ant Financial announced the first phase of a joint investment of 1 billion yuan to establish a joint venture company to launch the 'Hello Power Exchange Service' that targets the basic energy network for two-wheel electric vehicles, marking the Ningde era Began to dabble in the field of electric bicycles. The spread of the global epidemic has brought changes to the electric bicycle industry, and the concepts of environmental protection and green consumption have become more and more profound. The market for electric bicycles in China is also expanding. The increase in demand for electric bicycles also drives the development of the lithium battery industry. The demand for electric bicycles this year has increased year-on-year, and the annual output is expected to reach more than 36 million. Coupled with the surge in the launch of shared motorcycles this year, it is expected to reach more than 4 million this year. This year, affected by the new national standard and the increase in the cost-effectiveness of lithium batteries, the penetration rate of lithium batteries for electric bicycles has increased and is expected to reach 25% throughout the year. The penetration rate of lithium batteries for shared bicycles is basically above 90%, and the increase in the level of lithium batteries in the food delivery and express delivery industry and the replacement of the existing lithium batteries of electric bicycles are expected to reach 15GWh of lithium batteries throughout the year, an increase of 60%-70% year-on-year. This year, many battery companies have cooperated with lithium battery companies and shared electric bicycles. In the first half of the year, under the influence of the epidemic on new energy vehicles, the installed capacity of power battery companies dropped significantly year-on-year. However, the electric two-wheeler industry increased sales due to travel problems in the first half of the year. Spurred the recovery of the overall lithium battery output of some battery companies. From the production schedule of battery companies next year and the increase in lithium penetration rate, it is expected that the demand for lithium batteries for electric two-wheelers will increase by more than 70% year-on-year next year.
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