The characteristics of communication dedicated UPS power supply, the use of communication dedicated UPS

by:CTECHi     2021-09-22
The characteristics of communication dedicated UPS power supply, and the use of communication dedicated UPS. As a communication operator, base station equipment is an important data platform for operating information. It carries huge data services, and power supply systems also carry huge pressure on power supply security. Power supply is the foundation, and monitoring is the means. Any failure in any link will bring losses to operators. Therefore, a safe and reliable power supply system is created to ensure the reliability and security of the data network, as well as the overturning and comprehensiveness of the network. The primary issue that operators currently need to address urgently. This article will analyze the characteristics and use of UPS power supplies dedicated to communications. Features of UPS power supply dedicated for communication 1. Strong environmental adaptability The dedicated UPS cabinet for communication adopts high- and low-temperature resistant design, and fully considers design measures such as shading, heat insulation, ventilation, air cooling, heat exchange, etc., to maintain the temperature in the cabinet and ensure the normal operation of the system. It can be adapted to work and run in an environment of 0°~+40°C. 2. Flexible configuration The flexible AC and DC power supply system consists of AC input, AC lightning protection, AC distribution, DC distribution, DC lightning protection, battery packs and other modules. The specifications and number of input and output branches can be flexibly configured. 3. Lightning protection design The dedicated UPS power supply for communication has an excellent lightning protection design system. It has a lightning protection module that can provide effective lightning protection and other protections, effectively guarding against lightning damage to equipment. Make the instrument more durable. 4. Convenient installation and maintenance The dedicated UPS system for communications realizes full frontal maintenance operations, and has enough space for operation and maintenance, allowing easy replacement of AC and DC components. At the same time, a variety of optional installation accessories can be supplied to meet various installation requirements such as pole holding, wall hanging, and landing. Modular UPS uninterruptible power supply does not require expert maintenance. General engineers can operate and maintain the power module through online hot swapping, and within 5 minutes, two people can complete the replacement. Compared with tower UPS uninterruptible power supply, the original professional and complicated operation and maintenance of the original factory can save a lot of operation and maintenance time and costs. The use of dedicated UPS for communications With the reorganization of the communications industry and the commercialization of 5G, the domestic communications power supply market has developed more rapidly. In the context of the country's call for vigorous energy conservation and emission reduction, the communications industry has paid more and more attention to reducing carbon emissions, energy conservation and environmental protection, and the UPS, which guarantees the reliable and safe operation of the power supply of communications equipment, is no exception. In the process of transformation of many computer rooms, modular UPS with better design concepts began to be considered. It can be said that the advent of the 'low-carbon economy' era has put forward new requirements for the green and environmental protection characteristics of UPS products, and will also vigorously promote the development of modular UPS technology. Modular UPS not only has a great improvement in performance, but also has a significant improvement in the indicators of reliability, maintainability and intelligence. At present, as far as communication networks are concerned, it is more and more common to use modular UPS power supply for power supply. Its power supply objects have been developed from single computer equipment to business terminals, network servers, network equipment, data storage equipment, business support platforms and even the entire communication network. . The scope of power supply objects mainly involves computer terminals, servers, routers, switches, monitors, disk storage arrays, minicomputers, etc. The way of power supply has also evolved from small UPS distributed power supply to large UPS aggregate power supply. In order to ensure the reliability of power supply, even n+1 parallel hot backup system or even dual-bus modular UPS system power supply mode is adopted. In short, with the rapid development of my country's communications industry and the development of computer technology, UPS power will be used more and more, with larger capacity and more intelligent in the future. Therefore, the correct choice of UPS can truly play its purpose.
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