the best bike lights for commuting and weekend rides

by:CTECHi     2019-12-26
When it comes to bike lights, there is a dizzying, over-crowded market.
But most of all, you absolutely have to have them if you ride a bike at night-that\'s the law. Helmets and hi-
Vis clothing is optional, but under Rule 60 of the highway regulations and the road vehicle lighting regulations, each bicycle must have a front (white), rear (red)and pedal (amber)reflectors;
And the front (white)and rear (red)lights. Shop-
The bike you bought should be based on the reflector-but the lights depend on you.
Really, in those dark, dull days, it\'s also worth using when the city landscape fits into a gray space.
There are a lot to consider when choosing the best bike lights for you.
Are you riding a bike in the city or are you taking a chance in the country?
Do you only cycle in the well?
Is there an extension of the street lamp in the bright area?
Will you turn on and off the lights of your bike often?
How many hours a day do you have to ride a bike at any time?
Can you easily find a way to charge your lights?
The most common question when considering bike lights is, do you want to see or be seen?
If you want to see it, it means you need powerful enough lights to illuminate the road surface that may not be flat and light your way when there are few or no street lights.
If you want to be seen, you just need lights that are bright enough and light beam wide enough to make sure you are noticed-so when you wait at the intersection, you won\'t be caught by the passing police.
For average commuters and weekend cyclists, the ideal option is somewhere in the middle.
Matt Barbet is a television journalist and a cyclist who often takes part in competitions, and a former host of the UK tour and itv4 bike show.
It is essential for him to have a decent set of lights.
\"I have gone out and my rear lights are off, and I feel very exposed and invisible,\" he explained . \".
\"I think some people mistakenly assume that street lighting will show them in some way and show them their way.
But this is not the case.
\"If you are brave enough to follow a road without a street light, then you should use a steady beam of light instead of a flashing beam (
Or you may lose your front teeth because of a hidden pit).
But be careful, like a car driver, not to dazzle other road users.
The handlebar should be your brightest light, not your helmet.
Fortunately, every lamp sold in the UK will meet the minimum requirements for brightness.
However, given that more than 100 cyclists were killed on British roads in 2016 and more than 3,000 were seriously injured, why seize a chance not to exceed the tick?
Here\'s what I found when looking for the best bike lights for everyday cyclists, starting with my favorite ones. . .
The reason we like them is: a set of smart lights full of functions, which are small in size, light in weight, effortless and very value for money. £62.
The couple bought it from Amazon. co.
UkThis launched two simple smart lights on the crowdfunding platform Kickstarter last year, achieving the goal of 30,000 in only four hours, and finally won the recognition of 180.
It\'s easy to see why.
In addition, the smartphone app allows you to connect via Bluetooth, turn the lights on or off and control their settings (
If you lost them in a room, it would be convenient)
, When you slow down or filter traffic at the intersection, the lights will feel and increase the speed of the flash.
This does work in practice, although it may not be as accurate as it is.
If you are an iPhone user, the lights can also tell if they are stolen and send an alert to your phone;
Again, if they find that you have a crash, they send a message to the designated contact. (
Both of these features are in the test of the Android app, so they should not be too far away. )
Other outstanding features include their ability to adjust brightness when the battery runs out, as well as a convenient charging indicator in the lamp itself and in the app.
They are very easy to install, using a secure elastic band and a plastic accessory that comes in with light clicks.
There is also a spare clip that can be easily attached to the belt or bag.
The See Sense Ace light is lightweight, only 5 cm by 3 cm and does not take up much space.
During the test, they were shown to be bright enough to handle the city streets and some darker places with 150 lumens in front and 125 lumens in the back.
They brought impressive eyes.
Capture various flash modes and wide beams. At around 10-
Hours of battery run time, you may have a hard time getting a full
Ride a day from them.
But at the top of a Middle
These smart features make me the first choice for urban cycling.
However, please keep reading if you need something brighter.
Buy them now for the reason we love them: reliable, easy to connect, powerful light that won\'t disappoint you. £59.
500/100 lumens setfrom rutlanding 99.
The useful thing about the driving range of Lezyne is the choice.
They have a light if you only need 15 lumens.
If you need your headlights to be as strong as 1500 lumens, they also have a headlights.
For this article, I tested the 500XL micro drive and the rear light-an ideal full
The city bikes and the rounders of some areas without lighting, although many will find the 400XL (£41. 99 for the set)
Their city commute is very good.
If you\'re riding on a lot of roads without lights, the 500XL should be the right one, but aim for the 800XL or higher road if in doubt.
\"After years of trial and error, my personal favorite brand is Lezyne,\" Barbet said . \" He praised the lights for not needing separate USB cables as they have their own built in
USB connector.
\"I can plug it directly into my laptop and I can plug it into the normal phone charger so I don\'t have to worry about it when I go out.
\"Lezynes can last up to 35 hours in Femto mode (
More realistically, you charge them after about seven hours of use, and if you want to use them under full beam, you charge them for an hour).
You are also spoiled when it comes to light mode: There are 9 in front and 11 in the back, and they have almost more in common with disco lighting than a set of bike lights.
It is certainly good to have such a wide selection.
Both provide decent side corner visibility-although neither is the broadest in this list (
This is either Garmin Varia or the moon Whirlpool).
They also weigh 118g and 69g respectively.
The light in front came with a strap attached to itself and was very clumsy.
If the taillight doesn\'t have a separate band, which makes it easier to lose, then this could be the perfect commuter suit.
The reason to buy them now that we like them: if you have a Garmin computer, it\'s a very bright pair of lights that will give you an edge on the road and let you know everything that\'s going on around you. £156. 45(rear)and £97. 92(front)from Amazon. co.
In smart lights, the biggest name in the UK may be Garmin, who dominates Sat navigation and on-
Tablet market for many years.
The Garmin Varia lights are made as a companion to their computers, acting as a radar before and after the bike, allowing you to see who is behind you without turning around and how fast they are going.
If you go down the Garmin route, they also sell a range of fitness trackers and smart scales, which means that Garmin can fully monitor your life.
If you are already a Garmin user and cancel staging by spending more than 200 on a set of lights, it makes sense to add Varia lights to your lights.
However, there are some trivial problems with variables as far as they are concerned.
Although the rear light is easily attached and separated by rubber bands, the front light is much more complicated and requires practice to quickly attach and separate, in the dark, with cold fingers.
The headlights are large and weigh 132 grams.
Because it is equipped with a large bracket that can accommodate the Ming at the same time.
The computer and the headlights, it needs a screw and two allen keys to turn on (
They all occupy quite a lot of real estate in the handlebars, which is particularly obvious in the fall.
This also makes other things on the handlebars (
Like a bag or a mid breaker sitting under the top plane of my own bike drop bar)
It would be very difficult without the obstruction of the two.
Again, at the back, if you have a Fender in your seat and keep your seat low, you may have a hard time installing this long light on your bike.
The range of the flash mode is very limited compared to other modes, almost bright lights.
However-this is the return-the range of these lights is impressive.
As far as your eyes can see, the reflection of the front light is visible on the street sign.
Garmin\'s Varia is big for a reason: when it comes to lighting up unlit roads or being discovered by other road users, they have no problems at all.
The reason we like it now: If you want a lightweight suit that is strong enough to light up the city streets, but can buy it with a budget, these should work. £31.
99 pairs from wiggle. co.
UkThe Cateye Volt is another model that offers a wide range of options in terms of brightness and cost, starting with 100 lumens.
While this particular setting may feel obvious about the plastic-
Y compared to the rest of this list, if you\'re just riding in the city and don\'t want to be overwhelmed by heavy lights, they are a useful combination.
They are a simple setup with three modes: high, low and flash.
Their 200 lumens are bright enough to light up some roads-although much weaker than the Lezyne Drive 500XL, in the case of power, before the battery is dead, you will only get an hour of use from both (
The 150 steady lumen mode of Lezyne will last for three and a half hours).
That is to say, in flashing mode, you have to get the mini-USB cable out.
The XC series is also up to 500 lumens, so there are brighter options.
The beams are quite wide and provide some nice visibility from the side.
The headlights also allow themselves to rotate 360 degrees when mounted on the bike-if you can tell the driver at the intersection not to notice you, it\'s convenient.
The elastic band is removable, but it\'s better to have it stick to the light because it\'s hard for you to turn it on again.
It\'s easy to paste and disassemble from the bike itself.
The rear light is 25 lumens, small and light, and there are four modes including one with special eyes
Capture fast flash.
If your budget does not extend to Lezyne Micro Drive and you rarely cycle around where there is no light, this is a good compromise.
The reason we like them now: the lower budget versions of the same light all offer impressive brightness and sturdy construction, the former even comes with SOS flash mode. £36.
29 or 64 for meteor.
From evanscycles 99 vortex.
The moon whirlpool and the comet headlights are a solid pair of all
Round, smaller, cheaper meteor lamps offer 400 lumens, and larger, more expensive swirls offer 600 lumens.
Both modes have impressive stable mode and flash mode, including daytime flash mode.
The Whirlpool is a bit heavy, but the total beam angle is impressive, 84 degrees, making you look good.
It can also flash the SOS signal-the SOS signal comes with a stern warning to use it only in case of emergency-which may be the best option for rural bikes.
The rear lights look neat.
It\'s small but light, shining bright
Enough 50 lumens with belt clamps and universal brackets.
With a beam of 270 degrees, there is no need to worry about being found on the road.
Both can easily clip their brackets up and down, with elastic bands attached to the brackets.
They are USB-charged, with a maximum of 48 hours on the front and a maximum of 19 hours on the back.
In this range, if you are looking for lightweight, then CatEye is probably a better product to buy here and it has a wider range of models to choose from.
However, it must be said that both moon models feel stronger.
Buy it now for the reason we love it: it\'s a light, quirky urban lighting device that can make up for the lack of electricity with eyesDesign. £19.
Judging from the amazing ideas behind smart lights, drivers are more likely to notice triangles and bike symbols than just a simple bulb-the manufacturer is more than just guessing.
Research conducted by the University of Oxford using these lights supported Brainy\'s claim that cyclists using these lights were found to have fewer people nearby
Missing the collision with the car, the car driver identified the nearby cyclist more quickly.
They look cute and easy to connect and take up a small space on the bike (
Each side of the triangle is only 4 cm long).
They come with a USB cable and a removable elastic band that allows the lights to be turned on and off.
Both lights use small, loose plastic S-
The hook in shape is fine if these are your only lights, but if you want to switch between different kits on a regular basis, it looks very easy to lose-unless you don\'t mind a series of brackets mounted on the handle
They are easily attached to bags, helmets, or belts from the front.
While the smart lights aren\'t as bright as some of the other lights on this list, the price is pretty much the same-and it won\'t help to light up the road in front of you-the symbols are from about 10-20 metres away.
A decent light can also be seen from the side.
Charge four hours through the included mini
The USB cable will provide up to 32 hours of flashing rear lights and 20 hours of flashing front lights.
The light doesn\'t remember the mode you made it turn on, which is a small problem, so you have to dial to the mode you like every time.
But there are only four modes to choose from (
Stable, Flash, strong, strong flash)
It won\'t take too much time.
The reason we like it now: a stylish city light, cheaper than many other budget options. £34. 99 from wiggle. co.
The British \"Nog is a classic brand of small back to back --
\"The light is on,\" said Babel. It’s true.
A long time ago, almost every broken fixie rider in London owned two nog --LED Beetles.
\"They have improved their scope and now they may be able to compete with brands like Lezyne.
But Nog is a little more interesting.
\"This suit certainly flashes more and comes with nine bright led-
The impression is that a group of dazzling lights (
However, they have 20 lumens in the front and 11 lumens in the back, so there is a lot in the range of \"being seen).
They have unusual flash modes, including three media modes.
After the outbreak of speed, there were three rapid outbreaks, which reminded me of the rhythm of the aerobics class.
They are attached to any handlebar or seat of up to 32mm and are connected using a removable plastic hook and elastic band.
The USB connector is very useful to connect to the light itself, which means you don\'t need a cable.
They are light at 18g, but in flashing mode you will only get 11 hours of running time-if used continuously.
I find that they consume energy when they are idle, which means that you may actually charge them more frequently.
Buy the reason we like them now: If your budget is too high, a pair of non-Fading lights will light you up enough for you to see-though they are better used as back --up set. £9.
If you don\'t have much cash or really just need a very basic set of short trip packages
The bright area, then the huge Numen pair will see you.
There are only two modes for them: stable mode and flash mode.
With the built-in elastic straps and hooks, there won\'t be anything tedious or easy to doto-
Missing Pieces-this means they are a very urgent device to put in a pocket or bag.
Don\'t even worry about USB cables;
They are powered by a button battery, which is the most common battery in a watch (
Included in the box).
The lights come from two bright LEDs that claim to last 100 hours in flashing mode.
Although they don\'t light the road (
Don\'t even consider riding along a road without lights with these things)
They will give you enough light for you to see and some visibility from the side as well.
The main five things to look for now to buy a set of lights are: brightness, how they power, how long the power lasts, how the set of lights is connected to the bike, and check to make sure they are at least waterproof.
Consider your budget, of course.
If it is not easy for you to charge the light using a USB cable, then consider targeting a set of removable batteries.
If you are planning to take a long time to ride a bike, then make sure the charging time of the lights is long enough.
If you have a plane
Shaped column (
One is designed to be aerodynamic, so it\'s not just a cylinder)
And then make sure the rear lights are installed correctly.
Finally, if you\'re going to turn off the lights a lot, you want them to be as effortless as possible, as few tiny pieces as possible that can be lost.
Lumens are important-they determine how bright your lights will be.
Although \"lux\" determines how strong the light is in the surface area it illuminates.
If you are riding a bike in the city, you need the beam as wide as possible, while in the countryside you need a bright, focused beam that lights up the road ahead of you.
If you go through the odd unlit patch, the 200 lumens headlights are enough.
If these patches are quite long or the road surface is often uneven, the target is close to 500 or higher.
Yes, but there are different modes for each set of lights to provide different degrees of brightness.
Ride in the well with a 500-light beam
Lighting up busy streets is not necessary and you may be dazzled by drivers and pedestrians.
At the very least, they should be tilted slightly down so that they don\'t point to someone\'s eyes.
At the top of the scale, the lights do become very bright.
Cateye Volt 6000 is named because it has a huge 6000 lumens, which costs about a pound.
These are for those who do it at night.
So you don\'t need them if you\'re just a city cyclist.
As Gadgets expected, this is a gadget.
\"People hang more and more technology on bicycles,\" Barbet said . \".
\"Many Lights exist only as lights, while others, such as visual Ace (see above)
, Can be connected to the phone\'s app with Garmin\'s leading market when the lights are connected to
The on-board computer can monitor everything from your speed to the vehicle around you and act as a satellite navigation.
\"In addition to the technology you tied to the handlebar, there are more technologies to find.
\"There is a clothing manufacturer that makes lights on clothing,\" he said . \". Start-
Companies like the French manufacturer métier sell 200 jackets, stitching a range of LEDs into the fabric.
He added: \"I didn\'t use them, but I see people using them and they seem to work well and I don\'t know what the washing instructions are.
\"My own first adult bike was the second one --
Hand-tour bikes with generator lights-which means they are driven by the friction generated by the wheels.
Generator lights still exist and are especially useful for those who need long periods of light and are inconvenient for regular charging.
But they are not ideal for city bikes.
From their nature, they only light up when the bike is driving, so the time to sit in front of traffic or traffic lights doesn\'t make the rider shine.
Again, Barbet said, light.
The up wheel spokes look great and they are not ideal when it comes to being visible at all angles.
\"Will you see them from behind? ” he asks.
\"When it comes to taillights, you do need to have as wide an angle as possible, not just from the side.
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