The battery explodes while driving, and the safety of lithium batteries has aroused social concern. Can lithium batteries really replace lead-acid?

by:CTECHi     2021-07-23

Especially after the new national standard, lithium-ion batteries will become the direction of choice for the majority of electric vehicle companies. Once lithium-ion batteries are widely used in electric vehicles, can their technology and safety really meet the current market needs? Can lithium-ion batteries really replace traditional lead-acid batteries? The battery explodes during driving, and the safety of lithium battery has aroused social concern. Lithium electric energy replaces lead acid?

Lithium-ion batteries are light in weight and have a long life. They can be used for about 5 years. If the number of charging and discharging is frequent, the battery can also be used for 3 years. But its price is more expensive. The price of a set of 48V12Ah lead-acid batteries in Chaowei and Tianneng official malls is about 450 yuan, while the price of 48V12Ah lithium-ion batteries is about 830 yuan, which means that the price of lithium-ion batteries is 45% higher. In this way, the profit of lithium-ion batteries is also higher than that of lead-acid batteries. It can be seen that the cost-effective advantage of lithium battery bicycles is becoming more and more obvious.

There are also many problems caused by the increase in vehicles. The first is the traffic problem. Many drivers of electric vehicles do not follow the traffic rules, resulting in continuous traffic accidents. , The consequences are also very disastrous. The second is the recycling and reuse of electric vehicles. As we all know, the energy supply of electric vehicles mainly depends on batteries, and batteries are divided into two types of lead-acid batteries and lithium-ion batteries. I have stopped, no matter how much the debate is, it will eventually revolve around the price. Today I will calculate this account for everyone, whether it is a lead-acid battery or a lithium-ion battery to save money. Before the article starts, let's first understand what is a lead-acid battery and what is a lithium-ion battery!

Some industry reports show that with the sharp increase in sales of electric vehicles in my country, the lithium-ion power lithium battery market is entering a golden period. By 2017, the scale of the lithium-ion battery industry may be Will explode to 400%. In this context, lithium has also become the most prosperous species in the rare metal industry. Faced with the situation of short supply, the price elasticity of key upstream lithium resources and materials has begun to accelerate, and prices have accelerated. Will the rise in raw material prices affect battery companies, and how should they respond?

There is no doubt that Jingqiu, a lead-acid giant, has also joined the lithium battery army, and it has launched a new product Jingqiu lithium battery. It is reported that it is equipped with automotive-grade pure three yuan 523, 622 raw material formula batteries; 3C high-rate battery cell combination, high charge/discharge efficiency, faster and safer charging; large-capacity power cell assembly, high product energy density, and car Run farther and stronger.

It is not difficult to find that Chaowei, Tianneng, Xupai, and Jingqiu have all entered the field of lithium batteries, and more lead-acid battery companies will be involved in lithium batteries in the future. It is foreseeable that the lithium-ion battery field will usher in a big explosion in the future. Then, who are you more optimistic about? Lithium-ion batteries using flammable organic electrolytes have been restricting the development of lithium secondary batteries (also known as rechargeable batteries or accumulators) into the fields of electric vehicles and large-scale energy storage. Recently, the team of Professor Yuliang Cao from the School of Chemistry and Molecular Sciences of Wuhan University and the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory jointly published online research results on the application of non-combustible phosphate ester electrolytes in lithium-ion batteries in the 'Nature Energy'.

The University of Maryland, the Army Research Laboratory, and the Argonne National Laboratory have prepared a battery with extremely unstable lithium metal as the negative electrode. The fluorine electrolyte can be charged and discharged up to a thousand times, and the power storage capacity has only dropped to 93% of the original.

The technical development of lithium-ion battery electrolyte is complementary to lithium-ion batteries. The electrolyte must be compatible with the cathode and anode materials selected by the customer, and be compatible with the customer’s lithium ion The battery's final performance requirements are adapted. From the perspective of technological development, the electrolyte must adapt to changes in the continuously evolving lithium-ion battery technology system and the application requirements of terminal equipment, and constantly adjust its performance and composition.

Domestic electrolyte market trend

The production of electrolyte vehicles continues to expand, and industry competition is becoming increasingly fierce. The price of electrolyte dropped from 400,000 yuan/ton at its peak in 2017 to around 50,000 yuan/ton this year. The oversupply situation in the electrolyte market in a short period of time has not changed, and the electrolyte price will remain low. The price may continue to fall.

According to the forecast of the China Automobile Association, the production and sales scale of new energy vehicles in my country will exceed 1 million in 2018, based on the increase in the previous five months. If each vehicle requires 60 kilograms of electrolyte, my country’s new energy vehicle market will require 60,000 tons of electrolyte in 2018. According to incomplete statistics, the electrolyte output of mainstream listed companies alone will exceed 100,000 tons from 2018 to 2019. In 2018, the power lithium battery electrolyte market will still be in a situation of oversupply.

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