Tesla's self-produced battery is about to be mass-produced: battery life increased by 54%, cost reduced by half

by:CTECHi     2021-09-07
With the rapid development of the global new energy automobile industry, in order to further seize the market, various car companies are rapidly upgrading iterative products while also actively improving battery technology. Today (January 21) Tesla released a production video of its own new 4680 battery on social media. Judging from the published information, the 4680 battery production line is not only highly automated, but the battery's single battery life has also increased by 54%, and the manufacturing cost per kilowatt-hour has also been reduced by 56%. It only took 4 months from PPT to quasi-mass production. On the Tesla Battery Day held in September 2020, Musk announced some details of Tesla’s self-produced new 4680 battery. At that time, Musk introduced to the public through PPT: The new self-produced battery uses a larger battery cell with a diameter of 46 mm and a length of 80 mm, which is twice the diameter of the 2170 cylindrical battery currently in use by Tesla. In addition, the single energy density of the new 4680 battery is 5 times higher than in the past, which can increase the comprehensive cruising range of pure electric vehicles by 16%. Only 4 months have passed, and the new 4680 battery has moved from the PPT to the production line. From the video released by Tesla, we can see that the 4680 battery has achieved full assembly line production, and the entire production line is highly automated, with almost no human intervention. However, Tesla has not announced the Monte factory battery. The capacity of the production line. At the same time, Super, located in Berlin, Germany, will also participate in the production of 4680 batteries in the future. The performance of the monomer is improved, and the production cost is halved. In addition to the release of the production line video, Tesla also further announced the relevant performance parameters of the 4680 battery. First of all, because of the increase in the volume of the 4680 battery cell, the movement distance of its internal active material is shorter, so the heat dissipation of the battery pack will be better. In addition, compared with the batteries currently used by Tesla, the 4680 battery has a 54% increase in battery life and a 6-fold increase in power, which can comprehensively increase the battery life of pure electric models by 16%. In terms of manufacturing costs, the manufacturing cost per kilowatt-hour of the 4680 battery has been reduced by 56%, and the production investment per GWH (gigawatt-hour) can be reduced by 69%. On the whole, the 4680 battery not only has a comprehensive improvement in performance, but its manufacturing cost has also been greatly reduced. The battery market is about to start a 'meshed war'. With the rapid development of the global new energy vehicle market, battery technology has also become a place where various battery suppliers compete, especially in the recent period of '1000 km battery pack' and '8 minutes fast'. The emergence of black technology batteries such as '80% charge' and 'solid-state batteries' has made the people eating melons dizzy. However, compared to these battery technologies that are still on PPT, Tesla announced the production video and detailed parameters of the 4680 battery, which undoubtedly puts itself at the forefront of global automotive power battery manufacturing and technology. At the same time, as a major customer of battery suppliers such as CATL and LG Chem, as Tesla begins to produce its own batteries, its supply demand for third-party batteries is bound to gradually decrease. Therefore, both the automotive power battery technology and the global production and sales pattern will change with Tesla's self-produced batteries, and the competition among battery manufacturers will become more intense in the future. According to the top ten 'Car One Circle' in the country: For now, Tesla 4680 battery is only a small-scale 'trial production' stage, and the new battery wants to be mass-produced and installed on the model. , It will take a lot of time. However, as Tesla gradually realizes its own production of 4680 batteries, it can not only get rid of its dependence on third-party battery supply, but also establish its own position in the field of automotive power batteries. At the same time, models that use new batteries will further reduce their overall production costs, allowing Tesla to consolidate the current main markets in China, the United States and Europe, while also opening up low-income markets in Southeast Asia and South America. This is of great significance and role for Tesla to maintain sustained growth in the future and to ensure its status as the “first brother” of pure electric vehicles in the world.
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