Research on Aluminum Plastic Film: The Last Barrier to the Localization of Lithium Batteries

by:CTECHi     2021-07-20

The core material of soft-pack battery is in urgent need of domestic substitution. Aluminum-plastic film is the core material of soft-pack battery, which plays a key role in battery lightweight. As the penetration rate of soft-pack battery in 3C consumer electronics and power battery fields continues to increase, aluminum The demand for plastic film is growing rapidly. However, due to the high technical barriers, most domestic products cannot meet the mid-to-high-end demand. At present, the domestic aluminum-plastic film market is basically occupied by Japanese manufacturers, and there is an urgent need for domestic enterprises to break through with technology. Demand to enjoy the dividends of new energy vehicles, subsidies are expected to accelerate the decline of domestic replacement of soft-pack batteries, mainly in consumer electronics and power batteries, two major applications, which have been widely promoted in the field of consumer electronics, the penetration rate is close to 70%, and in power The penetration rate in the battery field is less than 15%, and there is still much room for improvement. The deterministic high growth of the production and sales of new energy vehicles will drive the high growth of demand for lithium batteries, and since soft pack batteries have energy density advantages compared to cylindrical and square batteries, they are in line with the development requirements of power batteries. The future penetration rate is expected to continue to increase. Will fully benefit from the dividends of the new energy automobile industry. In addition, compared with imported products, domestic aluminum-plastic film has the advantages of high cost performance, closeness to customers, and convenient after-sales service. With the gradual decline of domestic new energy vehicle subsidies, it is expected to accelerate the substitution of imports in the future.

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